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It’s no secret that 2020 was not the year any of us were expecting. But as we near the end of this year, we hope you take a moment to reflect and feel blessed for what you do have — no matter how big or small.

We know what we are thankful for this year… and that’s you — our Sola Family. From your resistance during the initial shutdowns to reopening #SolaStrong, to showing us every single day that the comeback can be greater than the setback, you are the reason that our community (and industry) has remained strong. 

So, what are you thankful for this year? Last week, we asked our community, "Why are you thankful for Sola in 2020?" Here’s what you had to say…

Thankful for my health so I can be a busy Sola stylist! Thankful for the #SaferAtSola environment that my clients are loving! So glad Sola Summerville opened just in time for me to make the move I was needing! Thankful we are not just renters at Sola Salons, we are much more. All the extras we get at Sola Salon Studios help make our workplace a great experience for the stylist and clients!” - @hairbyjeannie

“I’m thankful to be at Sola in 2020 because I was able to handle a global pandemic the way I felt was best fit. My clients felt safe coming back in a one-on-one environment, and I was able to maintain most of my clients. I am in charge of my own life and schedule and it allows me to be financially free. No worrying about how clients are handled after they leave my chair, no drama, just us! Sola had given us more than enough tools to be able to adjust to this new life, and I couldn’t be more grateful.” - @alessandraartistry

“I’m so thankful to be in an environment that provides peace for my clients and me. The continued support, podcasts, education, and encouragement are what’s needed during this time of uncertainty. My Sola suite is my happy place! I ❤️ being a part of the Sola Fam!” - @onceuponafro

“I am thankful for the safe and comfortable atmosphere that Sola has given my clients and myself in 2020. My salon studio has changed the game for my career, and my clients love the space and love how I glow now! The privacy, cleanliness, and professional ambiance has created a new level of service for my guests. I love it here.” - @hairbyemilystanley_inc

“I’m thankful at Sola during 2020 because I feel respected, appreciated, and valued. I’m grateful for the Sola family at Plymouth Meeting. But most of all, thankful I have a safe space to treat my clients during this crazy year!” - @simplybellaskinandlaser

“I’m thankful for my family that has been supportive through these shutdowns. I’m thankful for my amazing clients who have supported me since the beginning and especially now. I’m thankful for my landlord who has kept us up to date with knowledge on Covid and making Sola Walnut Creek safe for us and our clients. And I’m thankful for my amazing fiancè for keeping me sane and making me a fiancè lol. I’m so so thankful this year.” - @hair_by_tanya_marie

“I’m so thankful to be at Sola because I’ve seen my real potential as a stylist! Covid shutdowns left me furloughed and I had always wanted to go out on my own. I’ve been able to create an aesthetic and a creative space for myself, for my clients to get their hair done, but also take a break from reality. I also feel so supported by the Sola community in my town and here on Instagram.” - @_anniehayes_

“I’m so thankful to be at Sola due to being a new mom, I get to spend more time with her! I also get to make my clients feel safe in my suite since there is only the two of us, they all really enjoy it! Sola has opened so many doors for me already and pushes me every day to be a better version of me!” - @mariahs_styles

“I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to really become the stylist I always dreamt I could be, in a space that is the embodiment of me and my craft, while having the freedom to also spend more time with my family. I go to work happy every day and that’s such a wonderful feeling!” -

“I’m so thankful to be at Sola because during this pandemic, they’ve been nothing but supportive. It wasn’t easy closing down for 9 weeks in the first year of being open. However, the support from Sola and my Sola landlord specifically were amazing and really put my anxiety at ease. I’ve also been blessed enough to have made some great friendships! I get to work with some wonderfully talented people and it’s been so much fun! I’m also VERY thankful for my clients and being able to provide a safe environment for them. I’m so thankful to be apart of this community!” - @skinby_syd

“I am so thankful for all the support from the Sola family. We have all had such a stressful year in the beauty industry. I could not imagine what I would have done without Sola and my safe space. My suite is able to make my clients feel safe and at peace during this time. All of this uncertainty from this year would’ve crippled me without the education and support from the Sola Fam!” - @jillhoweshear

“I’m thankful for the privacy, cleanliness, safety, the freedom to create and run my business so can focus on my amazing clientele. Thank you, Sola!” - @styled_by_tami_ramirez_


“I am so thankful to be a part of the Sola family, as Sola has the most supportive people I have ever worked with. During this difficult time of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus health crisis, my Sola family has been by my side and making sure I am doing okay the whole time. Whether it is marching in protest to be allowed to open back up or to show we are safer inside, we have shown our communities and our industry that we are all family - and together we will get through this. I am extremely grateful to be a Sola owner where I am in business for myself but not by myself.” - @shearoasisrenee

“I’m #SolaThankful because I had the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive during the pandemic and start living my dream! From relying on a corporation that was going bankrupt to being fiercely independent & prosperous. I am building a brand I love and spending more time with my family. Best decision ever!” - @enchantedsalon

“I’m thankful that I found my new salon home at Sola and all of my friends and family have been so supportive” - @brooke.balobeauty

“I’m thankful that Sola has my back!” - @sparklehairaphy

“I’m so very thankful to be at Sola! I love the peace I experience within my own studio walls while taking care of my clients. My clients are absolutely loving the experience they are getting. I have actually had a few of my doctor clients telling me how much safer they feel in a small studio versus having me do their hair in a large salon with this Covid year we are living through. I am so glad I made the decision to open my studio at Sola!” - @patriciaannestudio

“I’m so thankful to be at Sola! My partner and I made the decision to go to Sola when Covid happened and the salon we had spent 8 and 9 years at showed us we were not as important to them as we thought! It was probably the biggest and scariest decision of my life but by far the best one. I have never felt more sure that something was meant to be. It was the silver lining to 2020!” - @katie.jane26

“Sola Salons has been a nurturing and professional experience! I love Sola Palm Beach!” - @daynamomma

“I'm #SolaThankful to be apart of a community that helps keep us stylists growing! They give us so many tools to keep up with education and to run successful businesses! They say we're not alone and I don't feel alone even working for me, myself, and I. Lastly, through 2020 and dealing with this pandemic, they've really given the extra hands and tips on getting through this struggling time.” - @_luvz2style

Thank you Sola Fam for sharing such kind words. We are #SolaThankful for you all 💙

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