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"I wanted to do hair, and not have to worry about anyone or anything else. If I need something done to my room, it happens. I have 24-hour access to it. I can come and go as I please. If I want to do a client at 2am, I can. My clients appreciate that I’m available when they need me to be."

Roxanne Muir Photo

Roxanne Muir, Sola Leaside

"Choosing Sola was organic and effortless; a growing company with 10,000+ independent studio owners, there is confidence in that. Stellar support and guidance in opening. The access to continued advancement in education, a very awesome tool especially when working for yourself."

David George Photo

David George Hair, Sola Oakville

"Sola gives me the freedom to lock my door and be done for the day. The potential for more profit, reduce overhead and the fact that it is turn key played a big factor in my decision to move to Sola."

Stacey Staley Photo

Stacey Staley, Sola Leaside

"My clients are so impressed with my salon environment and love everything about it, loving life from where I am standing right now."

Dany Duong Photo

Dany Duong, Sola Leaside

"Being at Sola has made me more confident in my business. I get excited to go to work every day because I get to make my own rules. I have the freedom to be flexible, which allows me to focus on my personal life and salon life without being tied down."

Sade Williams Photo

Sade Williams

"Sola has allowed me to engineer the lifestyle I want and SolaGenius helps to facilitate it all. When people ask whether I plan on opening a barbershop, I say I already have. I didn't settle for a salon studio; Sola created exactly what I always wanted."

Chris Matthew Photo

Chris Matthews

"I decided to move to Sola because I wanted to surround myself with a community of people with likeminded ideas and goals. Being here allows me to stay on top of my performance in a career that is so competitive."

Julie Nguyen Photo

Julie Nguyen

"At Sola, you're not only working hard for yourself, you're working with a network of incredible people. And to know that Sola wants to celebrate that, it's like a dream! I always look forward to education to rejuvenate myself and attending the Sola Sessions gave me new wings to fly with."

Amanda Fagan Photo

Amanda Fagan

"Being a former storefront barbershop owner, Sola was the perfect opportunity for me to be an owner again, without all of the stress. Personally, it has brought peace to my life, because I can simply focus on my clients.."

Antonio Heath Photo

Antonio Heath

"I have gotten more new clients at Sola than I did working for someone else. And I've been able to take advantage of so much education, too! What Sola has given me is full control. There is nothing like being in full control of your business."

Jennifer LaVigne Photo

Jennifer LaVinge

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