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“I could never keep my hands out of my hair, to be honest,” says Alysha Harris, owner of The Hair Docta’ in Sola Salons Prairie Village, Kansas. As an undergrad, Alysha was always skipping class so she could do her friends’ hair in the dorm rooms. Eventually she realized it was time to pursue her true passion, so she changed her study from a BA to a CA in Cosmetology and Hairdressing.

Alysha, who worked with a celebrity stylist during her booth-renting days and participated in several hair shows, does the whole gamut in her Sola studio where she has owned and operated her business since March 1, 2014. But, it’s her unexpected specialty – scalp disorders – that makes her remarkable, and has earned her a reputation as “the docta’”.

Alysha’s concentration also makes salon ownership not merely valuable, but crucial for building an expanding client base while honing in on a niche focus. “I deal with a lot of hair loss clients, I have for a while, and I needed a private suite to cater to them,” Alysha explains. She didn’t come to Sola with many clients, but building a strong clientele was easy at Sola. “Clients love how the suites are set up,” Alysha says, pointing to the cleanliness, décor, and inherent privacy.

What Alysha loves most about Sola, though, is how there are “no limitations,” as she puts it. “You have access 24-hours a day, seven days a week.” This sort of flexibility has made it possible for Alysha to continue her educational pursuits, which will ultimately allow her to grow her business further.

She is currently in school for trichology – the scientific and biological study of hair and scalp health. Alysha likens trichologists to dermatologists. “We are practical and very hands on,” she says, explaining that her focus is on natural and non-medicated remedies for scalp disorders. “Dermatologists don’t usually go to hair school, which means they don’t know the ins and outs of hair,” continues Alysha. As a trichologist, she’ll be able to assess and treat hair and scalp disorders naturally through exfoliation treatments individually formulated to meet each client’s needs.

When she graduates next year, Alysha plans on opening a trichology clinic alongside her salon. She plans to work as a hair loss specialist and, also, a stylist in her soothing, lavender-hued salon that reflects her own vibrant, welcoming, and professional personality.

For more information about Alysha, please visit http://www.solasalonstudios.com/stylist/alysha_harris/. To learn more about Sola Salons Prairie Village, KS, please visit: https://www.solasalonstudios.com/store/sola_stateline