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As an independent salon owner, selling retail is a major opportunity for increasing your bottom line. Not only do you get to choose the products that line your shelves, but you also get to keep 100% of the profits from the retail you sell.

But it’s not just about the money! Offering take-home products is about servicing your clients and making sure their needs are met. It’s been proven that sending your guests home with the products they need to prolong the looks you've created in the salon increases client retention and ensures client loyalty.

Check out the second edition of our "Sola's Best Of Series,"  featuring 7 Solapreneurs who are total retail rockstars 🛍👩‍🎤

1 & 2. John Vella and Jessica Horner-Heckman - The John Vella Salon and Jessica Horner-Heckman Hair 

John and Jessica carry the Rene Furterer product line in their shared studio with a stunning retail display. They are continually educating their followers on social media about the retail they carry, how to make the products a part of their self-care routines, and why the quality ingredients within their products create the best results. In the past, they have hosted open houses for retail and have also hosted scalp health analysis nights!

3. Nancy Pollock - Skin Perfect by Nancy 

Nancy is extremely passionate about her client's skincare regimen and often sells nearly $5,000 a month in retail! Her way of thinking is that if her clients spend $150 on a facial, why would she then have them use drugstore products on their skin? Nancy has earned a dedicated and loyal clientele. Even at the peak of the pandemic, she maintained high retail sales while making sure her clients could still care for their skin at home.

4 & 5. Lisa Odom and Terri Cottrell - Deeply Rooted AZ

Lisa and Terri are sisters and have been at Sola for 6 years. They are committed to keeping their shelves stocked with products for loyal clients to take home and enjoy the luxury of having professional haircare right at their fingertips! These ladies are also committed to their own education by attending Sola Sessions, color classes, and by writing out plans and visions for their future... You go, girls 🤩

6. Zakiyyah Alexander - Blumseed 

Zakiyyah's salon is all about a personalized hair care experience for women of color and is the very first head spa in Canada for curly hair. Her clients start with a consultation to discuss their hair and scalp goals. From there, she creates a personalized treatment with a blend of nutrient-rich clays, fragrant herbs and soothing oils. All of her products are free of toxins, chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and are cruelty-free, and all of her specialty products are created by hand! 

7. Kim Bennett - Kim Bennett Studios

As the Senior National Educator for Paul Mitchell Professional, you could say that educating is in Kim's blood! Rather than focusing on sales, she focuses on solutions. During the first COVID-19 shutdown last March, she would curbside-deliver Paul Mitchell products to her loyal clients. This retail rockstar (literally!) goes the extra mile 🙌

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