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It's no secret that the pandemic had significant impacts on the beauty industry that led to major shifts in salon dynamics and beauty professionals’ career trajectories. After facing such unprecedented uncertainty, one thing is clear - you need a salon environment that works for you. 

Whether you are looking for total control of your salon environment, studio space that is easy to manage and sanitize on a regular basis, or a way to help your clients feel more comfortable returning to the chair, a private studio at Sola may be the perfect place for your career to soar in 2021.

Sola Salon Studios is the largest and fastest-growing community of independent salon owners who support each other in owning and operating their salon business. Our mission at Sola is to inspire beauty professionals to chase their dreams, elevate their careers and experience the freedom of salon ownership. 

With more than 16,000 independent beauty professionals that call Sola home, we are a tried and true solution to the uncertainty that many are feeling in returning to salon life as we knew it. *Hint: the old ways are outdated!* We see this as an opportunity to empower beauty professionals to take the leap, choose sovereignty and become an independent salon owner! 

It is time to decide the trajectory of your future as a beauty professional in a rapidly changing industry. You get to define for yourself what “the new normal” means for you and your career. Why not use the fresh start to become an independent salon owner? Be your own boss - a #SolaBoss. 

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Forget everything you thought you knew about life behind the chair. You have the opportunity to reimagine salon life as we know it. At Sola, we're reimagining what's possible - one salon owner at a time. 

Imagine returning to post-pandemic life as an independent salon owner. Imagine the feeling of being your own boss. Imagine managing your own schedule. Imagine setting your own hours. Imagine a one or two-chair salon studio - a private, controlled and peaceful environment for you and your clients to feel comfortable and at ease.

Imagine your services: 

  • Your way
  • Your hours
  • Your prices
  • Your products

Imagine your space: 

  • Your décor
  • Your style

Imagine your future: 

  • Your education
  • Your learning style


Take it from these Sola dream-weavers who took the leap of faith into salon ownership: 

"I am finally on the path to creating the life I want. I am doing more of what I love. I am living my life by my own rules, and that was possible thanks to Sola!" - Carlisha Duffey NunnallySouthern Girl Natural Hair Studio.

“Sola offers the perfect balance of guidance and opportunity to help me bring my vision to life! Thank you for making the process simple, exciting, and positive. So glad I made this leap of faith.” - @lisaaprilehair

“Sola gives me the ability to go after my goals head first... The sky's the limit in my Sola and it inspires me to keep working for ME and MY business.” - @shehasradhair

What’s inside? 

Sola offers move-in-ready salon studios that empower you to reimagine salon life as you know it. You control the policies, procedures, hours and cleanliness in a space where you can do what you love. Studios are available in a variety of layouts for all types of beauty professionals, including hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, makeup artists and more!  


Each studio comes equipped with:

  • Floor-to-ceiling walls with sliding glass doors: Perfect for one-on-one privacy with clients and for maintaining control of the cleanliness and sanitation of your own space.
  • High-end cabinetry
  • Comfortable client chairs
  • A shampoo bowl and/or sink
  • Retail shelving
  • Oversized mirrors
  • Cabinets and drawers
  • Facilities manager to ensure up-keep and cleanliness of common areas
  • Utilities and WiFi included

Launch your independent salon seamlessly with Sola’s help, including: 

  • A comprehensive start-up manual with everything from licensing documents, tax information, marketing tips, business expertise and more
  • Professional liability insurance to make sure that you and your business are protected legally and financially 
  • Sola Pro: Sola-exclusive app to stay inspired and connected to the industry, watch on-demand educational content and access exclusive deals from the biggest brands in the industry 
  • Your very own Sola webpage on, manageable in the Sola Pro app, to showcase your salon and build your client base 
  • Sola Sessions: educational events featuring top artists, educators and industry leaders, providing an opportunity to connect with your Sola community and the greater beauty industry, learn new techniques for your craft and business, and stay inspired as an independent salon owner
  • Virtual education covering topics ranging from marketing and social media to pricing and accounting (with recordings available in the Sola Pro app)
  • The Sola Blog, featuring business and marketing tips and success stories shared from the Sola community
  • A community of 16,000+ inspired independent salon owners to learn from and grow with


Take it from these Sola professionals who have harnessed Sola’s support to catapult their salon business to success:

“Sola inspires us all by sending information on classes, how to market, forums, and a ton of helpful hints. I’ve worked booth rental for other owners, and Sola has been by far the best about giving you all the tools to succeed!” - @idohair_valstucki

“Sola has inspired me to be the best business owner I could possibly be. I love the fact that I am in the salon environment, yet on my own with absolutely no drama. The fact that Sola offers classes throughout the year is incredible. Sola was by far the best business move I could have possibly made! From the time I opened my door I have never looked back…” - @hairbylaurenkarlovich

“I know the biggest concern is ‘how about walk-ins’ or ‘how about education?’ The funny thing is, I have gotten more new clients at Sola than I did working for someone else. And I’ve been able to sign myself up for amazing classes! What Sola has given me is full control. There is nothing like being in full control of your business, and how you put yourself out there, and how you market yourself.” Nelly Weeks, @voyagedesplendeur

Sola Breaks the Mold

Sola provides a realistic opportunity to move away from the traditional, commission-based, busy salon environment. With Sola, you have the opportunity to be your own boss, create your own brand, and design your own studio without the financial risk and responsibility of building a multi-chair salon from the ground up. 


Liberate yourself from the limitations of salon life by reimagining salon life altogether. When you join the Sola family, you're in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We provide the space, support, resources and community that you need to set yourself up for success. 

With 16+ years of experience and 16,000+ independent salon owners, Sola makes the transition to salon ownership safe and seamless by providing move-in-ready salon studios, educational resources, cutting-edge technology and support to operate your own salon business fearlessly. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve done this a few times and you are never alone. 

So join the Sola community and reimagine salon life as you know it! 

Imagine the possibilities of... 

🔑  Designing your own move-in-ready one or two-chair salon studio

✨  A personalized, one-on-one client experience

💯  Being your own boss and calling all the shots

💸  Keeping 100% of your profits 

💻  Industry-leading education at your fingertips on the Sola Pro app

💙  A community of 16,000+ salon owners to learn from and grow with


We can’t wait to welcome you to the Sola fam!

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