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Episode 81: Do It Scared with Ashlie Garner image

This episode is all about how one of our 2021 Faces of Sola went from self-doubt to success and doubling her income seemingly overnight. Ashlie Garner from Ashlie Ann Hair is a self-proclaimed “education junkie” and is a true testament to the freedom and opportunities Sola has to offer. Ashlie not only runs her own business, but also offers education courses with even more in the works. 

In today’s episode, Ashlie shares her inspiring and relatable journey. She tells her story and how once she believed in herself, she realized that she is worthy of her success. As someone so passionate about education, Ashlie has the drive to help others create their own success through Sola, and is on a mission to guide them on the path to loving and believing in themselves. And even if you don’t feel 100% ready to face whatever obstacle is in front of you, Ashlie encourages listeners to just do it - even if you have to do it scared. 



In This Episode

[1:01] - Ashlie shares her journey and drive to get into the industry.

[2:09] - In an attempt to fit in, Ashlie changed her appearance. But she realizes now that the beauty industry can help you love yourself.

[3:04] - Ashlie’s salon is plus size and wheelchair accessible.

[4:10] - Everybody deserves the opportunity to feel and know that they are beautiful.

[5:12] - She had started for 4 years in a traditional salon but now wishes she had gone the route of a Sola Studio from the start.

[7:01] - Ashlie considers herself an “education junkie.”

[8:02] - In February 2021, Ashlie’s Instagram blew up with a need for education. She launched a full course called Employee to Empire in March.

[9:29] - Ashlie is already inspiring and educating others as one of the Faces of Sola.

[10:19] - Through re-evaluating everything and being her own boss, Ashlie doubled her income.

[13:21] - Ashlie is creating a course around self-work, self-worth, and personal growth.

[14:43] - If you are scared to do something, it is probably because you are on the verge of something great.

[15:53] - Ashlie works with her best friend and went into Sola together.

[17:35] - Fake it till you make it. Affirmations start when you don’t believe them but eventually, you will begin to believe in yourself.

[19:16] - Get out of your own way and just do it.

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