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Episode 79: Pay Your Rent in Retail image

On this episode, we’re bringing you a clip of one of our 18 classes from The Sola Sessions Reimagined and we’re talking all about paying your rent in retail. We're joined by four Faces of Sola - Joey Figueiredo, Lindsey Couch, Tahesa Nelson, and Shae Johnson who each talk a little bit about how they got started in the retail game and how selling retail has helped them elevate their careers.

What are their tips, tricks, and secrets to using retail products to increase their profits and improve the guest experience? Join us as the panel explains their wins in retail, how to develop relationships with distributors, and how all five senses play an integral role in an excellent guest experience. With the holidays around the corner, take the opportunity to learn how to better serve your clients while helping pay your rent at the same time. 

Reach out to any one or all three of them for additional advice, and don't forget that you can still watch all of the content from The Sola Sessions Reimagined on-demand until the end of 2021!


In This Episode

[1:06] - Panelists interview themselves, where they are located as Sola business owners, and how retail has made a big impact on their business.

[4:22] - Creating an immersive experience using all five senses helps build trust and increases sales.

[5:51] - Shea explains why it is important to educate the client about products you’re using.

[6:29] - Lindsey shares a story about a guest experience with a take home product that demonstrates how retail products can actually change lives.

[7:44] - Creating the work at home is sometimes a challenge. Retail products can help clients recreate their look from the salon at home.

[8:56] - What are some good ways to strategically place retail products?

[10:00] - Another idea is to have a product of the month on this one showcased shelf to make it extra noticeable.

[12:08] - Covid has created a shift for many salons and guest experiences. Joey explains a couple of changes in the industry.

[15:41] - Online ordering with a distributor can also have major benefits and helps develop a relationship.

[19:08] - Joey explains why you may need to be proactive to ask and develop relationships with distributors.

[20:01] - Joey asks clients to bring in their own products to see why his are better.

[21:18] - As an esthetician, Shea explains how she sells retail without coming across as “salesy.”

[22:20] - How can you educate guests in the sales process? Rephrasing the guest’s concern, using “because,” and following up with a recommendation impacts sales.

[24:55] - It is really important to sell the products that you love.

[26:00] - With holidays coming, the panel encourages offering products as gifts.

[29:14] - Think of retail as an opportunity to throw in the extra things you love and to make extra income.

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