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Episode 73: Stocking Your Studio: Retail and Backbar image

If offering retail is not a part of your salon business, there’s a chance you’re leaving some money on the table. But when it comes to stocking your backbar, there’s a lot to consider – including partnering with the right brands that fit the culture of your salon.

Tune in to this episode where we chat with Hunter Donia, Ashley Lantz and Kim Bennett to discuss all things stocking your studio with retail and backbar. Find out how to select a brand that meets the needs of your brand and your target market, as well as how to make retail a part of your amazing customer experience. They also share ways to become more confident when offering your clients retail, tips for staying organized, and so much more. 

So, the question is: Are you ready to streamline your backbar ordering systems and rock the retail game?


In This Episode

[0:24] – Stocking your studio with retail and backbar.

[2:30] – Why partnerships are very important.

[3:58] – Color, Hunter argues, is the pinnacle of the hair salon industry.

[5:39] – Shoutout to Kim Bennett and how products are a huge part of her salon experience!

[7:30] – Kim agrees with Hunter's point about marketing with a brand.

[9:30] – Why it's so important to choose a brand that will support you.

[11:38] – Kim advises salon owners to have a separate financial account for retail.

[14:13] – Ashley discusses her brand partnership.

[16:13] – How Hunter brought his brand into his Sola studio and the importance of his core values.

[18:39] – Salon owners are salespeople.

[21:03] – Efficiency and ordering when stocking your retail and backbar.

[22:19] – How to make sure that what you bring in doesn't collect dust.

[25:13] – BeautyHive has a nifty feature that makes it easy to reorder!

[26:11] – Hunter's take on organizing your stock.

[28:13] – Retail customers can be just as valuable as service customers.

[30:40] – Do you value a brand having an affiliate code program?

[32:59] – Bookkeeping and keeping track of your numbers is very important.

[35:22] – Kim redirects the conversation back to restocking.

[38:14] – Whether or not Kim sells a lot online.

[40:07] – Kim discusses her color backbar.

[42:18] – It's smart to keep notes about your clients on SolaGenius.

[43:45] – The importance of the guest experience.

[45:58] – Kim's experience during COVID.

[47:58] – Jennie's customer perspective.

[50:58] – Salon owners should assume that the client knows nothing about their hair.

[51:45] – Angela's customer perspective.

[53:50] – Hairstylists are the authority of what they do.

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