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With a New Year comes a fresh start, along with an exciting opportunity to change your life for the better by creating positive, attainable resolutions. Are you ready to take your salon studio to new levels in 2019? Or maybe your business is exactly where you want it to be, and your goals for the New Year are to focus on your family and personal growth. Either way, sometimes the New Year sneaks up on us and our resolutions quickly fall to the wayside. That's why we've gathered 100 resolutions from current and future Sola professionals to inspire one another to start 2019 right! Set your goals high, and ask yourself: Is what you're doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? Cheers to a fabulous and very happy New Year!

  1. It was always my dream to have my own salon. Sola made that possible for me. I want to continue to learn and grow as a hairstylist and as a business owner. – Perlita N Anthony Turner
  2. To make my second year at Sola as amazing as my first! For those of you that are on the fence about it, trust me it will be the best decision you ever make! – Linda Thompson
  3. My New Years resolution is increase our retail sales of our own line JéVon biomineral haircare with more "how to" sessions with our clients. Show them the flexibility of their hairstyle and our products. Making sure they can recreate our looks at home! LaVonne Burroughs Kraus and I wish all the sola professionals a merry Xmas and a prosperous new year!! – Jessyka Williams Heredia
  4. To hire an assistant and expand into a double studio. – Sari Catherine Powell
  5. To join the Sola Salon Studios family!! – Gabrielle Cooper
  6. My goal is to have fresh eyes and ears! Be the novice and learn as if it's my first year! There is so much to learn from our Sola community and business is being done like never before! I'm truly inspired! – Kim Bennett Horvath
  7. To create a quarterly talker magazine for my Sola studio clientele that includes photography of my hair and makeup artistry. – Deedra Sole-Cravens
  8. Looking forward to a second year as a sola salon owner, my goal is to be more involved in the community and inviting the community to share the joy of what Sola has to offer! – Violet Blossoms
  9. My first year with Sola has been a challenge due to unplanned circumstances. In the midst of chaos I kept my head held high and continued to move forward in growing my business. I want to work hard at promoting myself as a hair and lash extension specialist at Sola. I also want to become an extension educator, hire and train my assistant and move from a single suite to a double suite. I'm confident and ready to make it happen so thanks Sola for opening the door to success. – Chelsea Crawford
  10. My resolution would be to sell more retail and be better about writing down my clients formulas. – Angie Heinzel
  11. My New Years resolution is to work 4 days/week and make more time for my family and myself. Now that I am more established, I don't have to work so hard. Thank you, Sola, for making my new life amazing, and may I have many more. – Sharon Maes
  12. My daughter will get her license at the beginning of the year. Our plan is to partner in a double suite at Sola Salon Studios! – LaTonia Wilson
  13. To make my first year at Sola amazing! – Ashley Musselman
  14. My resolution is to attend more education classes so my clients love their hair even more. – Steve Durant
  15. Continue to provide an excellent experience for my customers by keeping my studio and myself updated with latest trends and techniques!!! – Gerri Lynn Gudmundson
  16. To live more, listen more and love with everything I have. – Rona Bunch
  17. My New Years resolution is to learn as much as I can from my new Sola sisters. – Denise D.
  18. To disconnect from my smartphone more so I can focus on spending time with my family. – Kat M White
  19. To take my business and brand to another level! – Tawanna Russell Hall
  20. To double my clientele and income so I can further reach others and give them "hairapy" – I like being a safe place for my clients! – Angela Randell
  21. To make every customer who walks into my studio look and feel like the beautiful, amazing, strong, brave, talented person that they all truly are! –Kellvann Gelzinis
  22. My resolution is to incorporate a marketing plan. – Shirley Nordstrom
  23. To have a full clientele. I love my suite life! – Mackenzie McClure
  24. My resolution is to take time to stop and smell the roses. Now that I am a salon owner at Sola Salons-Jackson , I have more time and FREEDOM to "enjoy the moment." #lovemyjob  – Tiffany Walczak Jacobs
  25. To add skin care, eyelash extension services and my own silk scarf product line to the business. – Naomi Reed
  26. Well, we will be moving to a new state starting all over. My new years resolution is to start at a Sola Studio. I would love to be my own business owner, and to make my own schedule so I can be with my kids more and be a better provider. Ready for the hard work and commitment! Happy New Year! – Heather Merrill
  27. My resolution is to finally have my Sola suite and for my salon to pick up with retail and clientele! – Kim Lipscomb
  28. Focusing on creating a heart centered business where my clients FEEL loved! I'm on my 2nd year at Sola and love having others around while still being able to close my door and be in my own world! – Mickey Mackaben
  29. The people I work with here in Colorado Springs are the most talented, professional, fun and life giving I have ever met. My goal is to fill the few empty spaces we have left with the same. I will succeed. – Marian Kirby
  30. To build more clientele so I can finally make the move to Sola! – Marcella Bella
  31. My resolution is focus on my business this year & enjoy what Sola has given me the ability to do with it. – Bobbie Jo Saucier
  32. To get my certification to do lashes to expand my business. – Cindy Hill Webster
  33. To own my own salon and spa business. It's my passion to make everyone feel as beautiful on the outside as they do are on the inside! – Andraya Krumm
  34. My resolution for my third year at Sola is to work smarter, not harder! Thank you Sola!! – Deanna Mattocks Olson
  35. To continue to grow my business with Sola and make my clients smile ;) – Jaz Stratton
  36. To love myself with the same love I give! – Edna Lane Garza
  37. My resolution? Promise to myself...Be present in the NOW. Appreciate the little things. Explore the big things. Hug/Love my family more. – Yvonne Reed Stanley
  38. My resolution is to work on simplifying my life. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter whether it is tangible items, clearing my mind with meditation, unsubscribing to junk emails, donating the clothes I haven't touched in years, etc. – Erica Mohammadi
  39. My resolution is to LOVE myself more. – Suzi Renda
  40. Too make my clients feel more special everyday! – Leslie Weishaupt VanDorf
  41. To continue to share all that has been given to me! And to learn to receive, with thankful heart! – Polly Sanders-Peterson
  42. My resolution this year is to experience more first time adventures with my son! – Traci Lynn Thomas
  43. To be kinder to people and volunteer more for charity. – Kiara Mooney
  44. To challenge myself to do new things like selling retail. And to make every client leave feeling beautiful inside and out when they leave. –Kelly Preece
  45. My resolution is to continue to give my clients my best efforts and grow/expand my business in the future. Sola takes the worry out of it, so I can focus on them. – Miriam Henry Turner
  46. To go on a trip with my husband! We have never gone out of Minnesota; this is going to be our year! – Brionna Gray
  47. My resolution is to continue enjoying this journey called life. Live and love and be thankful and humble. – Kristina Myers
  48. To live more vibrantly. – Patricia Eggers
  49. To live life on purpose! Set big goals at my new Sola suite, take chances, and be more present with people. – Brittany Janson
  50. My resolution is to grow my cliental to increase my income! – Savannah Bryant
  51. Work hard...play harder! – Victoria Lewis
  52. My New Years resolution is to become successful and open my own studio! – Erin Riera
  53. To go for a hike once a week! – Monique Maddox
  54. To double my business! – Melanie Fuller
  55. Easy! To move to Sola ASAP! – Pam Free-Sipple
  56. To double my clientele. – Angela Burch Dabney
  57. To have a fabulous 5th year at Sola! – Emily Potter-Higgins
  58. Attend more education and increase retail sales in my beautiful studio! – Barbara Lund
  59. To continue investing in my salon and clients, to finish Master Instructor School and a take vacation out the country. Life is good when you’re rolling with Sola Salons Tulsa Crew! – Jamellia Canady
  60. To take better care of myself so I can take better care of my clients! – Melissa Denise Hicks
  61. My resolution is to create more content, videos & blog posts and to help inspire and encourage more people to love and appreciate themselves! – Sarah Swofford
  62. My resolution is to grow my business at Sola and start enjoying myself more often! – Olivia Herring Barrett
  63. To become an educator and do some traveling with it. And always bring beauty whenever I go! – Melissa Dauel
  64. My resolution is to make everyone I come in contact with feel valued and loved! – Tanita Rance
  65. To be better in my tomorrows than I am in today. – Shawna Jimison
  66. My resolution is to reprioritize my life. Making family, my husband and myself number one. – Mandi Spencer
  67. To start a blog! – Suzie Mugiishi
  68. To smile more. – Kristin Heuer
  69. To volunteer! – Kris Halligan Sutton
  70. I recently started my business at Sola Salon Studios, and I am extremely happy. My New Year’s resolution is to continue work on my referrals and also educate my clients on using hair care products at home. – Marioara Stone
  71. To start my first year with Sola and be able to be a FREE colorist out from under the thumb of the corporate stylist mindset. I plan to further my education and maximize every guest’s experience. I’m so excited to give my salon as an upgrade to my loyal and new clientele. – Kayla Delorie
  72. As I begin my second year at Sola, I reflect on the prior 19 years at a previous salon...I REALLY am grateful to all my clients who have supported my business for the past year at Sola. They've showed me so much love...I'm overjoyed. My New Year’s resolution is to make them feel as special as they make me feel. Thank you for 20 years of loyalty. Thank you, Sola, for providing me the opportunity to live out my dream. – Kellie Cereceres
  73. To stay healthy and cancer free while running my SOLA salon. – Dee Lynn
  74. My resolutions this year are to double my revenue, to start branding my name, to take as many certification classes, and to finally enroll back in college to get my business degree. – Jen Mariani
  75. My goal is to help 100 more salon suite owners grow their clientele, increase their income and finally have the business, freedom and flexibility to live boldly on their own terms. – Alex B Jones
  76. My New Year’s resolution is to help others keep and maintain THEIR resolutions to a healthier lifestyle through healthy nutrition, activity and encouragement! – Sarah Lancial
  77. It was almost a year ago that I lost my sister to cancer. And at that same time I joined Sola Salon Studios. I remember showing her a picture of my studio while she was lying in bed, all finished and decorated and a smile came over her face. She said that she was so happy for me. It was a hard year, but a good year. Best decision I made. I love what I do. I love exactly where I'm at. I know she knows too. Thank you, Sola. You helped me through a rough time and I am so very much happier and better where I am today. My New Year’s resolution is to have peace in my heart. – Kimberly Jo Ehlers Blom
  78. My New year's resolution is to create weekly YouTube video tutorials on at home hair care and styling. – Jodie Johnston
  79. To go a little extra on each person I serve in the coming year, to show them that they really matter to me. And that spending just a little more time pampering them let's them feel special, random acts of kindness go a long way. – Georgette Vetock
  80. To keep working harder...And continue loving life! In two years I have bought my dream motorcycle, purchased Toyota Highlander, and opened my studio through Sola. I take care of my mother and will be purchasing a home next year to make things more comfortable. – Ashley Haugen
  81. I have tried to better myself as a person, not only for myself, but for my clients. I try to always smile at someone passing, open a door or lend a helping hand. – Laura Messer
  82. My resolution is to be more present in the lives of the people around my community and me. Also to be more active with volunteering my services to those who go without and need some pampering! – Kim Schine
  83. I am getting my last treatment for breast cancer! That is my Christmas present. – Cindi Shafer
  84. I have not taken a vacation in over 7 years. Now that I am my own boss, I promised myself a vacation!!!! – Amber Pinkham
  85. To enjoy life and make sure I make a difference in someone's world each day. – Mel Vande
  86. To be at the salon by 8:30am every day to be more relaxed and ready for my clients. Also to improve my client base by 45%. – Nicole Morris
  87. To explore the world around me and find ways to express my true self! – Sarina B.
  88. To finally to make time for myself and don't worry about others so much, I am a priority too :) I am trying to learn self love. – Crystal Lewis
  89. To grow my business and learn even more so I can keep on providing outstanding work quality. – Lorena Camet
  90. To continue to grow my business and myself, and offer the little touches that are missed in a larger salon. – Kim Pierce
  91. I want to get in better shape & keep growing my new business. – Rebecca Salisbury
  92. To become an American Board Certified haircolorist (ABCH)! – Jennifer Maybody Cook
  93. To have more income coming in rather than going out. – Benji L Rye
  94. To show my appreciation of people around me whether it's clients or co-workers because everyone has the opportunity to make someone's day with a kind word or action. – Robyn L Castro
  95. To be a better giver next year! – Cathy Swanson
  96. I will double my clientele! – Angela Burch Dabney
  97. To be a better me. – Jacqualine M Rocha
  98. To get healthy! – Adrianne L. Brown-Payne
  99. To take more time for myself. – Zenaida Fiducioso
  100. My New Year’s resolution is growth! I am going to grow my business. I am going to grow as a hairstylist and a DSC. I am going to grow as a mother and as an individual. Set your goals higher and always dream bigger! – Nickie Jones
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