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Growing up, Diana Antes was encouraged to follow a career path that yielded stability and security - like healthcare professional - rather than one that promised fulfillment and joy. But with a calling to pursue her passion for hair, Diana forged her own path, overcoming all obstacles, to eventually create a thriving career as an independent salon owner and one of our 2020 Faces of Sola. Join us for another episode of the Sola Stories Podcast (pre-recorded at the Faces of Sola Experience on March 3) as Jennie sits down with Diana to discuss her journey to Sola and how she has grown her business into the success it is today.   Read More

Over 16,000 beauty professionals have discovered the Sola Difference and created a business they can call their own. So why do so many beauty professionals choose Sola? We wanted to go even deeper and ask, out of all of the salon suite models and companies out there, why choose Sola over another salon suite?  Read More

Are you ready to reopen your salon? Listen, as Jennie and her guest, 2020 Faces of Sola Katie Oakes, discuss what the new normal looks like after returning to her salon since reopening after her state-mandated shutdown. Katie is from Savannah, Georgia, and just reopened her salon on April 27th, after being shut down for COVID-19. We wanted to bring her on the Sola Stories Podcast to share her experience with us about her reopening journey.    Read More

“For all of us, the question right now is: How do we take this moment to look at our business and ask, what is going to help us thrive?” – Celeste Hilling, CEO of Skin Authority. In our Facebook Live with Celeste Hilling, she walks us through four ways we can use this time during COVID-19 to re-evaluate our business, engage with our clients in new and exciting ways, and ultimately emerge as more well-rounded salon owners.  Read More

In this episode of Sola Stories, listen as Jennie chats with the woman in charge and the ultimate #SolaBoss, Christina Russell, CEO of Sola Salon Studios. Christina shares her journey from a small business owner to eventually taking her seat in executive leadership, what she loves most about working with the Sola team, and how she’s pivoted the company’s focus once the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Read More

As we adjust to this new normal, now, more than ever, you need a salon that's going to work for you. Whether you are looking for total control of your salon environment, less to space to manage and sanitize on a regular basis, or a way to help you and your clients feel more comfortable upon reentering the world, a private studio at Sola - with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors - may be the perfect place for you.  Read More

Is taking care of yourself something you prioritize or put on the back burner? On this episode of Sola Stories, listen as Jennie chats with Amanda Fagan, one of our 2018 Faces of Sola, about the importance of self-care, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. Amanda shares how she is approaching the reopening of her studio and what changes she is making to ensure both her needs and the needs of her clients are being cared for. Listen as Amanda shares what tools she’s using to help streamline and supercharge her grand reopening.  Read More

You might be thinking – is now the right time to raise my prices? Should I be charging a COVID-19 fee? What will my customers think? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer here, and only you know what is best for your business and your clients, we laid out some pricing options to help you find one that feels best for your business and ensure you are staying safe and profitable during this time.  Read More

Mama, you've been working hard! With kids at home and stress over your salon, you deserve today to kick back and relax and enjoy Mother’s Day, quarantine-style. Check out these 10 ways to take care of YOU this Mother’s Day.  Read More

As the world continues to change and salon doors are slowly re-opening, it’s no secret that salon studios offer an ideal environment for a post-coronavirus world. This is why we gathered four of our rockstar Faces of Sola (past and present) for a panel discussion hosted by Jennie Wolff, Sola’s Chief Marketing Officer, on their unique journeys to salon studio ownership.  Read More

In addition to in-depth interviews with Solepreneurs and industry thought-leaders, Sola Stories brings you Quick Tips to give you bite-sized pieces of valuable information that you can use to improve your business when you have a few minutes between clients or driving to work. On this first Quick Tip, listen as Sola’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennie Wolff, shares some marketing tips to help you find fun over fear when marketing your business. Jennie eases us into the sometimes frightening world of marketing and teaches us the importance of knowing how to tell your story.   Read More

When the world presents us with challenges, the Universe responds with opportunities to grow. Yes, this is an unprecedented time and no one knows what the future looks like post-COVID-19, but within the DNA of the entrepreneurial spirit is the power to rise above challenges. We’ve compiled 8 steps you can take in your finances to weather this difficult time.  Read More

When the world presents us with challenges, the Universe responds with opportunities to grow. Yes, this is an unprecedented time and no one knows what the future looks like post-COVID-19, but within the DNA of the entrepreneurial spirit is the power to rise above challenges. We’ve compiled 8 steps you can take in your finances to weather this difficult time.  Read More

On this episode of Sola Stories, we are joined by four Faces of Sola to share their stories, tips and advice they have learned as independent salon owners at Sola. Joining Jennie, we have Lindsey Couch (@thehungryhairdresser), Diana Antes (@dianaanteshair), Tara Chilton (@merakisalonandco), and nail artist Stefanie Stair (@the_stair_way). Listen, as these amazing women share how they overcame their fears of going out on their own, the systems they believe are essential to success, how they handle retail in their studios and the importance of caring for your mental health when working behind the chair.  Read More

On this episode of Sola Stories, host Jennie Wolff chats with Steven Wren, one of Sola's 2020 Faces of Sola. Listen as they discuss why he made the career change to become a barber at 30 and how going independent has given him freedom, growth and control in his career.  Steven, owner of Steven Brandon Hair Studio in Chicago, first caught our attention right when he joined the Sola family a little over a year and a half ago. We have been following him on social media and love watching him inspire others through education, mentorship and by being a great member of our community.  Read More

As the world continues to adjust to the effects of COVID-19, one thing is certain: Life post-pandemic will be different. Expectations are changing around social interactions and attention to cleanliness will be incredibly important. Customers want to feel safe and secure in your salon, and you want to feel comfortable and confident having clients in your chair. Now is the time to adjust, adapt and implement new sanitation practices and procedures. When it's time to reopen your salon doors, follow the below best practices to keep your studio as clean as possible for you and your guests.  Read More

As we continue to adjust to life amidst COVID-19 and navigate this time of uncertainty, now more than ever is the time to save money. We know that this pandemic is inviting everyone to re-evaluate spending and adjust budgets. But the reality is that even by cutting back significantly, we still have expenses. Because of this, we encourage you to take advantage of our partnership with PerkSpot and lean into discounts for everyday essentials.  Read More

Hopefully, during the time your salon has been closed, you’ve found ways to stay in touch with your clients and keep them in the loop. Remember, keeping your salon top-of-mind for guests is crucial to maintaining their business when it’s time to reopen. Consistent and frequent communications are also so important to nurturing relationships and building trust with your clients.   Read More

If you’ve ever thought about going independent and opening your own salon studio – there is no better time than now! Let us be your bright light in this time of chaos and help you create the salon environment that you love and the safe space your clients need. Interested in learning more? We will be hosting a full panel discussion with a few of our independent salon owners and Faces of Sola, Lindsey Couch, Steven Wren, Kelsey Morris, and Ashley Lantz, moderated by Sola’s CMO, Jennie Wolff, on Thursday, April 23rd at 2 pm MST.  Read More

Like many of you, over the past month, I’ve left my house only a handful of times - primarily to go to the grocery store, usually wearing a bandana or ski mask around my face, my glasses, hair in a ponytail or messy bun, and what I like to refer to as my “day pajamas.” I’ve been working from home for the past four weeks and although we have a lot of video conference meetings, I haven’t really put any effort into my appearance.  Read More

On this episode of Sola Stories, 2019 Faces of Sola Kelsey Morris shares why she decided to become a hairdresser and tells us about the mentors who advised her along the way. She speaks about her Sola journey, starting in a double studio with two other stylists, then eventually moving to her own studio to pursue mentorship. She shares how being in a salon studio has impacted her life outside of the salon, giving her the ability to be more present with her children and husband.  Read More

A global pandemic. Certainly not what we all planned for in 2020…When I awoke this morning, the snow was falling in Denver. I decided to start my day off peacefully, with a cup of coffee, a few chapter’s in Marie Forleo’s book “Everything is Figureoutable” and I even mixed up a pumpkin bread mix to put in the oven. After my relaxing morning, I decided to “be productive.” I cleaned the house for 45 minutes and scheduled a call for my husband and me to connect with our Doula.  Read More

When you can't connect in-person with your clients, it's more important than ever to find new ways to create connection through virtual platforms. We teamed up with SalonCentric educator, celebrity hairdresser, and social media guru, Daniel Mason-Jones, on a Facebook Live to share his tried and true tips for implementing successful and engaging Facebook and Instagram Lives.  Read More

Episode 1: Going Independent + Getting Started In A Salon Studio Episode 2: Creating Connection + The Importance of Education Featuring Kim Bennett, Sola Culture Ambassador and the first-ever Sola professional with host Jennie Wolff  Read More

How is your salon handling the invasion of the coronavirus? Listen in as host, Jennie Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer at Sola Salon Studios, and her guest Kim Bennett, Sola’s Culture Ambassador and the first-ever Sola stylist, discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting Sola Salon Studios’ independent salon owners and the greater beauty industry.   Read More

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