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What We Learned At The Sola Sessions Reconnected image

When we embarked on our mission to host our first virtual event, we had no idea how we were going to pull it off. But like you, embarking on your journey as an independent salon owner for the first time, even if we didn't know how we'd get there, we knew we would. Elevating our community of Solapreneurs to further your journeys as salon owners is our "Why," and even though there were moments that felt filled with uncertainty, it was our “Why” – YOU – that empowered us to pull off the most remarkable, reenergizing and rejuvenating Sola Sessions virtual experience. 

This event was all about reconnecting. For those of you who joined us live, we hope you ended the day feeling reconnected with your #SolaFam, the beauty industry, your passion, career and yourself. If you missed any Session or simply want to re-watch your favorites, the content is available to you on-demand until the end of 2021.

Not sure which Sessions you'd want to tune into first? Here's a recap of a few of our favorite Sessions to get you started...

Mastering the Marketing Funnel with Britt Seva

Are you ready to thrive? In this thought-provoking session, keynote speaker Britt Seva breaks down the key roles of a successful business and how to create a scalable, proven system for your salon. She walks through the step-by-step process of her Hair Stylist Marketing Funnel, discussing independent salon business statistics, tips and important action items to improve your marketing execution. Learn how to identify your salon's opportunities and see examples of effective branding from actual salon suite owners. 

The Miracle Mentality with Tim Storey

"Mind over matter" is our new mantra after watching Tim Storey's keynote. In his session, Tim explains how having a "Miracle Mentality" is not only innate in all of us but also necessary for living an authentic life. But, it requires consistency. In what ways are you cultivating and maturing your magical thinking? Tim is constantly developing his miracle mindset every day by meditating on positive books and listening to podcasts. And even when life interrupts our positive flows and throws us a curveball, it's up to you to make a decision to turn your setback into a comeback.

Tim shares the five components to living the life of your dreams:

  1. Believe in miracles
  2. Expect miracles
  3. Receive miracles
  4. Become a miracle
  5. Begin to release miracles

Savings & Investment Best Practices with Michael Cole

Got money on your mind? During this Session, Michael Cole explains the "Four Gems" of saving:

  1. Make more money (give yourself a raise)
  2. Save more money (pay yourself first)
  3. Pay down debt
  4. Control spending

He also shares two calculators that simplify saving and encourage intentional price setting: The Suite Income Goal Calculator (which allows you to see what your daily average ticket should be based on your annual income goal), and The Compound Interest Calculator (to help you set a savings goal).

Building a Brand Through Social Media with Jamie Wiley

Your social media is a preview of what it would feel like for a new potential client to be in your salon and your Instagram bio is your modern-day business card. Does yours accurately reflect your brand?

Tune in to this social media segment to learn:

  • How to create a more well-rounded social media presence
  • The formula for what to post to drive new clients to your salon
  • Direct message strategy and sample message to send to new potential clients
  • How to use Instagram Stories to attract new clients
  • Phone photography tips

The Power of Products & How to Use Them For Maximum Success with Sam Villa & Sean Godard

In the first half of this session, Sam Villa teaches how to express cut and style a "Wolf Shag" on dry hair. Using forward movement, diagonal sectioning, freehand trimming, and Redken products, Sam shares his tips on how to create a full volume, personalized shaggy, layered haircut. 

In the second half of the session, Sean Godard works with Redken products to create an express color with focal impact and contouring effects. Sean shares an express color placement with diagonal sectioning and his "Baby Blonde Breakdown" formulation, among other valuable tips. 

Sam closes the session with a tutorial on how to style a simple, high summer ponytail and shows how to add maximum brightness of color around the face. 

Charge What You’re Worth: Faces of Sola Panel Discussion

As a salon owner, how do you know when it's time to give yourself a raise? In this panel discussion, Faces of Sola Joey Figueiredo, Bianca Margolis and Ashley Lantz discuss:

  • Pricing strategies and trends
  • Defining your target market and why that impacts your prices
  • Why, when and how much to raise your prices
  • How to increase your prices without losing clients

"If people leave because of your price increase, you can create space for the kind of clients who value your services the most."

3 Must-Have Boundaries for Beauty Business Owners: How to Protect Your Health, Wealth, and Well-Being with Dawn Bradley

Boundaries are so important not only for our health but also for our salon’s ultimate growth. In this session, Dawn provides three tangible boundaries you can set today to set yourself up for success, plus a few ways to stop emotionally discounting (aka allowing feelings and emotions to derail your business models and pricing structures). Sound relatable?

“Your lack of boundaries is not a form of excellent customer service.”

Next Generation Wellness: Skin Immunity with Celeste Hilling

Healthy skin is IN! Join Skin Authority’s Founder and CEO, Celeste Hilling, to learn how skin immunity plays a key role in not only cosmetic beauty but also our body’s overall health. Whether you’re looking for an add-on treatment to pamper clients during hair appointments or enhance your esthetician skills, this session is a can't-miss!

Celeste walks through:

  • Skincare ingredients that enhance skin immunity and how to incorporate them into treatments 
  • Tips and tricks for using Skin Authority’s fear-free products to reduce inflamm-aging and improve health from the outside in
  • A demo of her 4-step facial to boost skin immunity and leave clients glowing in just 20 minutes

Shellac Summer City Chic Nail Art Design with Marsha Moore

Looking for summer nail inspiration to wow clients and boost revenue? CND Education Ambassador Marsha Moore walks through how CND’s new 6-shade Summer City Chic nail collection can up your game. 

Learn how to:

  • Use various brush techniques
  • Use CND’s summer line of shellac polishes to create eye-catching nail designs
  • Protect your clients’ nails
  • Use Plexigel technology can be used to fill, fix, shape and build a longer-lasting manicure

The Mizani Aircut with Dezari Chadwick

Are you ready to put the "Air" in hair? Tune in to this session with Dezarai Chadwick as she walks through the Mizani Aircut — a solution-based cutting method that focuses on science, art and technique. Dezarai starts by showing the different zones used to complete this technique: The frame, foundation, support and canopy. Using curved shears, she demonstrates how to strategically cut each section of hair. The curved shears are essential to this process as they cut shorter to longer pieces, putting the “Air” in the hair.

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