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If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of selling products to your clients, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table... money that could literally pay your salon's weekly rent. We know - you’re an artist, not a salesperson, but think of it this way: You’re actually doing your clients a service when you send them home with the products they need to preserve their hair color, keep frizz at bay, tame unruly curls or add volume to limp, lifeless locks. They’ll thank you later when they notice that the sulfate-free shampoo you recommended kept their color from fading or that they were able to recreate the look you gave them in the salon because they bought the styling products and tools you recommended.

It’s a strange and unfamiliar world we are living in, but your clients trust you to keep their beauty game strong. And, it’s been proven that sending your guests home with the products they need increases client retention and ensures client loyalty. 


Here are 8 tips for retailing during COVID-19:

Expand Your Retail Selection 

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what products are going to be popular. Take the guesswork out by selling what you know is in high-demand across the board. Hand sanitizer, facemasks, and other PPE are all things everyone needs right now; yet anyone can retail! Get creative, add your own touch, and feel good about keeping your clients safe and healthy! 


Take Advantage of Seasonality 🌞

Summer is just around the corner - that means people will be outside exposing themselves to the sun! Sunscreen and other protective skin products are key retail items right now. And for hair care? Help them preserve their color! Ask your clients with color-treated hair what they’re doing to keep their color from fading. This gives you an opportunity to recommend a sulfate-free shampoo or a styling product that offers UV protection. If she’s a high-lift blonde, recommend a shampoo with a violet base to keep her color from becoming brassy.


Reposition Your Existing Retail 

If adding to your current retail selection is not an option, use this as a chance to get creative with what you already have. Think about how to position your products in a way that is relevant to the world we're living in right now. Consider marketing a hair or face mask and let them know how easy and convenient it is to do in their downtime at home.


Build a Virtual Showroom

If COVID taught us one thing, it's that making essentials available online is key. This doesn't have to be done all by yourself, though! Reach out or research your favorite brands and find out if you can sell their products online through an affiliate marketing program. You still make a profit from bringing them sales - but the best part is that you don’t have to worry about having it in your own inventory! Brands like SkinAuthority make this process super simple, so get after it! 

Educate Your Clients

Your clients trust you, and they trust that you know more about the products you’re recommending than they do! Educating them is key - and you will feel much more at ease doing so if you are using (and loving!) the products on them yourself. Be sure to explain the functions and benefits of each product you use during your service so they know exactly what they have the option to take home with them. 


Be Inquisitive 🤔

Try asking questions like, "How often do you shampoo your hair? How long do you take to do your hair each day? What’s your biggest challenge when styling your hair? What kinds of heat tools do you use? How often are you able to come into the salon for maintenance?" Their answers will give you enough information to start a conversation about products that can help them solve their problems.


Know Your Customers 

Know your customers well enough to determine which lines to carry and how much money they’re able to spend. A college girl on a tight budget might not be able to afford Moroccanoil, but the professional woman who books expensive highlights with you can. If you have a range of clients with different income levels, think about carrying products at a range of price points as well.


Utilize Social Media 

Social media offers huge opportunities when it comes to retail - especially in our current socially-isolated climate. Make you're sharing your retail offerings on social - this includes the products you offer as well as how and where people can purchase from you. Do you offer curbside pickup or delivery? Do you have a link for guests to purchase products through your website? Add pictures and pricing info to your Facebook, Instagram, and IG story highlights. If you have pent-up demand around certain products, this is the perfect platform to share a killer promotion! If other items aren’t selling as well, use them as a giveaway to help move some product. 


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