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Mishi Nova, owner of Morphic at Sola Salons San Francisco, is thankful for many things: her family, the Bay Area’s idyllic weather, and the iPhone that enables her to run a thriving business at the touch of a finger. This year, Mishi is also thankful for Sola for making her entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Like many creative people, Mishi didn’t thrive in a traditional classroom environment. When high school didn’t pan out, she searched for a profession that resonated with her. “Hairdressing was a perfect fit,” says Mishi. “I’ve always felt my gift was art because I’m good at working with my hands.” Natural talent and an artistic eye made Mishi particularly well suited for a career as a stylist, and cosmetology school, which she started when she was 18, sealed the deal.

After putting in her dues at traditional salons in Colorado Springs and San Francisco, Mishi was ready for a change. “I always knew that I had a lot of ideas,” she explains, “And I felt like I was an entrepreneur at heart.” That’s why, nearly three years ago, Mishi joined Sola. “I have a vision, but I still have a lot of growing and learning to do,” she explains. “So I decided to go to Sola to learn the basics about how to operate a business.” Mishi attributes much of her success – both professional and financial – to the “variety of mentors” she’s met during her time at Sola. Some mentors have been clients with backgrounds in business. “This is such an intellectual city; people are all about succeeding and progressing,” Mishi says.

And then there are the people at Sola, who, according to Mishi, “have each other’s backs.” Franchise owner Steve Breuner, for example, is a perpetual wealth of knowledge, always teaching Mishi something new, making her genuinely excited about her career. Other Sola stylists, too, project a “positive energy and passion” that Mishi feeds off of on a daily basis.

Learning, Mishi can attest is best done by doing. “The first year, I was in a single studio and worked by myself; I got really efficient at everything from cleaning mirrors to balancing the books,” says Mishi, whose previous clients – about half followed her to Sola – love the chicness and exclusivity of the stylist’s new space. “Everybody responded super-positively,” she says.

Since joining Sola, Mishi’s upgraded to a double corner spot and retained a smaller studio that she calls “the annex”. Her clientele has grown exponentially – so much so that she’s taken on two part-time employees to help during the busiest day. “I’m so grateful to have been able to get started as a business owner within my means,” Mishi says. “I just love the sense of community, and the fact that, right now, I’m booming.”

To learn more about Mishi or to book an appointment, please visit http://www.houseofmorphic.com/#crew For more information about Sola Salons San Francisco, please visit http://www.solasalonstudios.com/store/union_square