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It’s common in the beauty industry to find yourself at a career crossroads... The traditional salon you were at might not be cutting it anymore, or you’re simply ready for the next step in your career. But opening a storefront salon may not be feasible because of the financial burden and other risks that come with opening a brick-and-mortar salon. 

Sola Salons is the solution you didn’t know you needed. With move-in-ready studio spaces, floor-to-ceiling walls and your own locking, sliding glass door, Sola allows you experience the true freedom of salon ownership. Here, you call the shots: you choose the services you provide, the prices you charge, the products you carry, and the vibe your clients experience when they walk into your space.  

Stop searching, because when you find your salon home at Sola, you’ll find... 

Support: A seamless transition to salon ownership 

Studios are available in a variety of layouts for all types of beauty professionals, including hairdressers, nail technicians, estheticians, makeup artists and more. Each move-in-ready studio comes equipped with: 

  • Four floor-to-ceiling walls with sliding glass doors: Perfect for one-on-one privacy with clients and for maintaining control of the cleanliness and sanitation of your own space. 
  • High-end cabinetry 
  • Comfortable client chairs 
  • A shampoo bowl and/or sink 
  • Retail shelving 
  • Oversized mirrors 
  • Cabinets and drawers 
  • Facilities manager to ensure up-keep and cleanliness of common areas 
  • Utilities and WiFi included 
  • Professional liability insurance (free for the first year) 
  • Comprehensive start-up manual  

Freedom: Create the salon and clientele of your dreams 

No more molding yourself to fit into the culture of your salon. At Sola, your salon is a complete reflection of you! Create the salon of your dreams with your décor, colors, music, plants, snacks, beverages, and products. And even better? You dictate the energy within your space. No more drama. No more fuss. Let your vibe attract your ideal clientele (that’s right, you have a say in who sits in your chair 🙌) 

Did we mention that 100% of your profits are yours to keep? Say ‘goodbye’ to commission and ‘hello’ to charging (and keeping) what you’re worth! 

Balance: A lifestyle for you to thrive in and out of the salon 

Ever feel like you have to choose between a thriving career or a fulfilling personal life? Not at Sola. Here, you can experience the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule and live the life you love – in and out of the salon.  

Do you want to work 3 12-hour days a week or 6 4-hour days? Do you want to have every Saturday off so you can watch your kids soccer games? The choice is yours! With 24/7 access to your studio, you choose your availability and salon hours so you can create a work-life balance that feels best for you, your family and your unique lifestyle.  

Education: Ongoing support and resources at every step of salon ownership 

Becoming a salon owner can be daunting. That’s why Sola provides ongoing opportunities to learn, grow and evolve through our professional resources. 

  • The Sola Blog: The Sola Blog provides resources to Sola professionals for business and financial management, COVID-era support, salon inspiration, mental health, marketing support, salon operations advice and so much more. 
  • Sola Stories: The Sola podcast, Sola Stories, features salon professionals, salon owners and industry experts sharing their business journeys, tricks of the trade and more. Gain industry insight and enjoy a whole community of salon owners to whom you will relate, learn from and feel totally inspired by. 
  • The Sola Sessions: The Sola Sessions are educational events featuring top artists, educators and industry leaders, providing an opportunity to connect with your Sola community and the greater beauty industry, learn new techniques for your craft and business, and stay inspired as an independent salon owner. 
  • Virtual Education: Sola offers free webinars that cover topics ranging from marketing to social media to raising your prices. We will keep you at the top of your game with cutting-edge updates to learn and grow as an independent salon owner. 

Success: Industry-leading technology to level up your career 

We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge platforms that streamline the day-to-day operations of a business owner, so that you can spend less time on logistics and more time doing what you love! 

  • Sola Pro App: Exclusive to Sola’s independent salon owners, the Sola Pro App is a free, one-stop shop for business and marketing education, artistic inspiration, exclusive deals from professional beauty brands, access to manage your own Sola webpage and more. Sola Pro also features Sola’s virtual education series, the Sola Stories Podcast and the Sola Blog so you can keep tabs on the latest Sola education on the go, in between clients, on your drive to work - whenever it works for you!   
  • Cojilio: The all-in-one salon management and online booking platform made for independent beauty professionals. This app will allow you to streamline your systems with a live calendar, online booking, client tracking, a customizable website, and two mobile apps.
  • Your Website: Using the Sola Pro App, you can easily manage and update your very own webpage. Have a strong web presence without the hassle of managing a clunky website or having to worry about web development. We feature all Sola professionals on www.solasalons.ca, which is an optional opportunity to build your client base with the help of the robust Sola network. 

Community: Grow alongside the largest collective of independent salon owners

The #SolaFam represents more than 18,000 Solapreneurs, making up the largest and fastest-growing community of independent salon owners in the world.  

We like to say that you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself. When you want to do your own thing, go for it! But when you need someone to turn to, someone who understands the pains and struggles of being an independent salon owner, your #SolaFam will always have your back. And your local Sola manager is there to support you, too 🥰 

Your search for your next salon home is over. Find a Sola location near you!  

"Sola checks all the boxes for me and gives me the tools I need to maintain success and passion for the industry I love so much!  I absolutely love the space I have created, the Sola community and the freedom I have to be me at all times!” - Jazmin Stratton, 2021 Face of Sola