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Although she grew up surrounded by an entire family of stylists and barbers, Lisa Scott, owner of LHC Studio in Sola Salons Glen Ellyn, IL, originally had no intention of going into the beauty industry. Instead, Lisa pursued her own interests and career in business. After graduating with a business degree from Dillard University, Lisa went on to work for IBM. Eventually, and perhaps inevitably, an interest in working in the hair industry started to blossom within Lisa.

“I decided I wanted to own my own salon,” Lisa explains, “but everyone told me that I couldn’t own a salon unless I became a stylist. They said ‘you can’t tell us what to do if you don’t know how to do it yourself.’” After pursuing her cosmetology license at Pivot Point, Lisa opened up a salon with her parents that they successfully ran together for six years before opening up a salon and day spa in Wheaton, IL. However, the stress of running the operations of the salon and spa business in addition to managing her own books caught up with Lisa who, in addition to working full time, also had kids and a family to take care of.

To scale back her responsibilities, Lisa went to work at another salon where she stayed for 11 years. Over time, Lisa’s strengths as a stylists grew along with the needs of her clientele. “I realized that I really wanted to be able to control the atmosphere and environment for my clients, and that’s a large part of the reason I decided I wanted to go to Sola,” expressed Lisa. Moving to Sola has allowed Lisa to run her salon business, LHC Studio, on her own terms and create the ultimate customer experience to keep her business thriving. The majority of her clients are working professionals and entrepreneurs and as result LHC Studio was designed to cater to the needs of this demographic. “There is Wi-Fi, so they can do their work as needed beneath the dryers and they also have space to take a conference call if they need to do so. I really wanted to make the salon experience as minimally invasive to their professional needs as possible,” Lisa says of her customer awareness.

In addition to managing her own business, Lisa is also an educator for SoftSheen Carson, which has allowed her to travel, educate and inspire other salon professionals. Lisa’s next project involves building a new brand called “The Lisa Scott Factor”, which will bring together her interests in writing, production, beauty and fashion. “I think that Sola Salon Studios and working as a stylist have one major thing in common: they both allow me to work on an open canvas,” says Lisa of her inspiration. “They allow me to be creative and totally unrestricted, which is what I need to thrive.” For more information on Lisa Scott, please visit http://www.lhcstudio.com/ For more information about Sola Salons Glen Ellyn, click here.