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Self-care is important all the time, but especially right now. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions. There are so many things that we wish we could control that we simply can’t. However, it is crucial that you focus your attention on the things you can control, and to make a daily effort to do things that make you feel good. As care givers and service providers, you spend so much of your day making others feel great that it's important to remember to take time out of your day to nourish and care for yourself, too. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

The truth about self-care is that it looks different to everyone. From drawing a bath or meditating, to working out or doing your favorite hobby, there are a variety of things you can do to help stimulate your mind and relax. 

We asked our #SolaFam for their best self-care tips, and here’s what they said...

“Have and maintain boundaries with clients so you can check out of your business at the end of the day - you work for yourself, protect your space and time.” - @alicialovesbalayage

“Get in for a monthly massage and chiropractic visit. Along with good shoes, there is no better way to treat yourself and know you’re helping your body stay in business!” - @vixenbeautylounge.ss

“Make the time to do something creative, something you love, or something you're passionate about. Whatever it is - make sure it brings you joy and happiness! For me, outside of doing hair, I love to paint and play in my gardens!” - @floralunahair

“My greatest self-care tip is taking a day off. I have a 4 day work week, my kids go to daycare 3 of those days. So once a month, I take a Tuesday off. My kids are cared for and I am caring for myself. I do not take clients that day and I don’t answer messages. I use that day to do whatever I want or need to do for me. If it ends up being folding towels while I watch back-to-back rom-coms, then that’s what I do. Maybe I head out and get a mani-pedi, or maybe I just go get some quality sleep. It’s about what I need on that day to take care of me. It’s those little things that we need so much! The day doesn’t have to cost me anything, it can be lavish or simple, but I know that day is very important. I book them out for the whole year and I look forward to them.” - @shericedoeshair

“Treat yourself! Do one thing a day just for you - blow out your own hair, buy a special coffee, listen to a podcast, or go sit by the water for a bit of silence. It can be a whole day or a few minutes but every day do something nice for yourself - especially during stressful times.” - @alicialovesbalayage

“My self-care, self-love tip is to always schedule you in your schedule and that’s the beauty of Sola!” - @hairhealthcoach_ 

“Make sure I wash my make-up off every night before bed “ - @sandi_carrillo

“My self-care tip is to take care of your glow (aka skincare)! I love to either perform my self-care routine or simply sit with a mask on, light a candle for aroma, and journal. Write something you're grateful for every day for 15 minutes!” - @hair_by_tanya_marie

No matter what self-care looks like to you, make it a priority to get out there and do it!

For more on self-care, check out our blog, How To Protect Your Energy, or listen to The Importance of Self-Care During COVID-19 podcast with Amanda Fagan. 

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