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Cora Rose

Salon Name:

3 Little Birds

Sola Location:

Phoenix, AZ

How many years have you been in the salon industry?

9 Years

How many years have you been at Sola?

9 months

What do you specialize in and what do you like most about your career?

I specialize in men and woman's cut and coloring! What I love most about my career is meeting so many different people, and touching each and every one of their lives. I love the relationships I build with them and the trust they put in me.

Why did you decide to make the move to Sola Salon Studios?

I work in a studio with two other girls that I worked with previously for about 3 years. We were all ready for the next step in our career and happened to stumble upon Sola Salon Studios. We sat down and talked about it for quite some time, then Avery Gavigan helped us make the plunge. I am so happy we did it!

What is your favorite thing about your studio?

My favorite thing about our studio is the welcoming feel to it. (The large window helps with the warming sunshine) There is an indescribable vibe that is present and there is no denying it. I can tell you it's a very rare occasion if the three of us aren't smiling or laughing! We want everyone to feel relaxed and welcomed when walking into our studio and walking out!

What do your clients think about your studio?

I think our clients absolutely love our studio. They are all very proud of us and we couldn't have done it without their support. You never really know how much your clients support you until you do something like Sola Salon Studios. It's a pretty awesome feeling.

How has being at Sola changed your life personally and professionally?

Being at Sola changed my life personally in many ways. I never thought I would be running my own business and couldn't have done it without my support team. It really changed my relationships with my family and friends. The girls and I at 3 Little Birds are closer than we ever were before. Going through such a change in my career was so much easier with them by my side. My parents are beyond proud of me and remind me of that often. It makes me pretty proud of myself! As for professionally, Sola has changed my career drastically. It's a complete different ball game running a business while doing hair. I want nothing but success for my partners and I, and I feel like we put a ton of heart and soul into it. Our clients have been a great help with it too. It's amazing how many people support small business owners and want to see success as well.

What does being a part of the Sola 5,000 mean to you?

I think being a part of Sola 5,000 means coming together with a group of people who decided to take a bold leap, and take their careers to the next level. I believe it takes a strong individual to make the move, and I am proud to say I am one of those 5,000, alongside of my two business partners!