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Are you ready to make 2022 your best year yet? 

In this episode, we are joined by Faces of Sola Drew Inge and Genia Church along with industry experts Michael Cole and Nina Tulio to talk all things budgeting, raising prices, growing your clientele, goal-setting and goal-getting. Drew and Genia demonstrate how to connect with others to build each other up while Michael and Nina provide the details on what to look for in your 2022 business and financial plans. 

Press play on this episode to start celebrating your wins, both big and small, and find out how to integrate these best practices to make this your best year yet! 


In This Episode

[0:36] - All the guests are introduced. Learn about Drew, Genia, Michael, and Nina.

[3:50] - When planning for the future, it is important to reflect on the previous year. Genia shares what she was most proud of from 2021.

[6:18] - For Drew, 2021 was very transformative.

[7:48] - Start your reflection with celebrating your wins. Be still for a moment and see how far you’ve come.

[9:20] - Part of growing is trying new things. Some of these things won’t work so take them out of your plan and move forward.

[10:01] - Michael lists five important questions he asks himself when reflecting on the past and planning for a new year.

[12:18] - Although there have been countless challenges, sometimes crisis creates opportunity. Drew and Genia describe the positive outcomes they’ve experienced.

[15:02] - How can independent salon owners benefit from changes?

[16:00] - No matter how proficient we were at using digital tools prior to COVID, we are all far better now.

[17:50] - Sola is at the forefront of innovation in hair color and styles as a result of creative ideas to survive COVID.

[19:21] - COVID heightened business awareness for independent salon owners. With that, comes boundaries.

[20:29] - Keep your goals simple. Growth in your business does not have to be complicated.

[21:50] - Make the commitment to yourself to maintain consistency while implementing new things.

[23:40] - Genia addresses burnout and explains how she integrates doing more of what she loves into her business goals.

[26:02] - Drew’s main goal is to become more financially healthy and explains how he wants to better integrate technology to do so.

[28:08] - What is the millionaire mindset?

[31:19] - Part time is the new full time.

[32:14] - Building a brand strategy and digital strategy is a focus this year for Genia.

[33:44] - Nina shares a lot of information for budgeting in the new year.

[35:44] - A healthy business is a profitable business.

[37:28] - Michael shares what salon owners should be looking at financially in the new year.

[40:36] - Consultations with clients can be an opportunity to make sure you are making the profits you need and giving the client precisely what they need.

[42:00] - For Genia, the KPI that makes a difference for her is her Daily Ticket Average. What other KPIs are helpful to look at consistently?

[46:01] - Keep your books open to new clients and if you can’t, put clients on a wait list rather than turning anyone away.

[47:40] - If you are booked solid back to back, Michael suggests increasing your prices as the demands for your services are high.

[50:26] - Every decision you make has to be in alignment with your business and brand. 

[53:17] - Even if you don’t charge for a virtual consultation, the tickets wind up being more profitable.

[56:23] - May 2022 Sola Sessions in Denver, Colorado announcement!

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