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Episode 91: Embracing Your Authentic Self with Alyssa Wiener image

You may recognize 2021 Face of Sola Alyssa Wiener from her vibrant creations on Instagram, or from being published in Modern Salon, Behind the Chair, and Beauty Launchpad. But we know Alyssa as a kind, genuine person who is able to make her clients look on the outside the way they feel on the inside.

Alyssa joins us on this Sola Stories episode to share her story about what intrigued her to join the beauty industry, why she was drawn to vibrant hair colorations, and what it was like opening her Sola salon studio during the height of the pandemic. Find out how in her salon, Lucky 13, she can create a safe space where everyone feels welcome, seen and heard. With Alyssa’s authenticity and empathy, her clients can feel confident embracing their authentic selves.


In This Episode

[0:55] - In 8th grade, Alyssa colored her hair black and was sent to a school therapist. Here’s how that experience shaped her path for the future.

[2:55] - Alyssa explains how a visit with her hairstylist opened her eyes to the world of Cosmetology and nothing else made sense to her afterward.

[4:34] - Was Alyssa’s salon built around a sense of retribution for her childhood experiences?

[5:54] - Alyssa tells us about her journey to becoming a Sola salon owner during the height of a pandemic.

[8:00] - Alyssa reveals where she conjured up her confidence despite all the fear, paralyzation, and uncertainty that the pandemic brought.

[10:40] - “Collaboration over competition” is a rare mindset for the beauty industry. We learn how Alyssa came to embrace that ideology.

[12:10] - Angela gives us a visualization of how Alyssa dressed for the interview and drives home the point that we are our own brand.

[13:51] - How networking and authenticity helped Alyssa gain a massive following on social media.

[16:20] - While Alyssa believes the followers on social media are cool, deep down she doesn’t define herself by her social media following.

[18:29] - Alyssa is happy to be at a place where she can be more selective of the clients that join her tribe.

[20:25] - What would Alyssa say to someone who is on the fence about going independent or joining Sola?

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