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Episode 85: Trust the Process with Serina Battaglini image

On this episode of the Sola Stories Podcast, we are joined by Face of Sola Serina Battaglini! Serina’s journey is both unique and relatable and she’s here - all the way from Ontario, Canada - to share it all with us. From a young age, she knew what she wanted to do but over time she discovered that what was holding her back was her inability to trust the process. Once she determined that she was the one standing in her own way, she took that leap of faith, and joined us in what she describes as the place she’s meant to be. 

Listen now to hear more about Serina’s journey and her advice on trusting the process, whatever that may look like. No matter what step you are at in your salon ownership journey - even if you have yet to take the first step - Sola is there for you and Serina’s story is proof that you can find where you are meant to shine.


In This Episode

[1:02] - Welcome to the show, Serina! Serina shares the beginnings of her journey as a stylist.

[3:50] - Serina is driven by education and learning as much as she can.

[5:00] - In Canada, the salon landscape is a lot different than in the US. Serina explains why she made the decision to go with Sola Salon Studios.

[7:38] - After spending 4 years in a salon, Serina realized she had reached the amount of growth she was supposed to make there and needed to move on.

[9:54] - The second Serina went into the Sola studio and met the owner, she knew it was where she was meant to be.

[11:37] - The amount of support or lack thereof has a huge impact on your direction.

[13:50] - Everything about shifting to Sola has been positive for Serina and her clients.

[15:01] - Even if you have a low number of clients or are just getting started as a young stylist, Sola can be a right fit for the growth of your business.

[16:20] - Take the leap of faith and trust the process. It is scary to make a change.

[18:12] - Because of the rarity of salon studios in Canada, Serina shares client reactions.

[20:25] - You just have to go in and see to understand the special experience.

[22:30] - Serina heard what she needed to hear and something she kept in mind throughout her journey.

[23:48] - Learn to trust the process.

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