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Episode 76: Letting Your Light Shine with Sonya Dove image

We are thrilled to have industry icon Sonya Dove on this episode of Sola Stories...and even more thrilled to have her as an educator at The Sola Sessions Reimagined on Monday, September 27th! As Wella’s Global Creative Ambassador for over 35 years, Sonya plays an integral role in the brand’s trade presence with color innovation, inspiration, and education. She collaborates with educators from a range of professional haircare brands creating editorial and competition shoots, as well as education and trend development designed to inspire stylists all over the world. Sonya is fueled by her passion for every aspect of her career, and she actively surrounds herself with creatives of all industries. She uses her life experiences as an inspiration when mentoring or judging hair competitions, backstage at New York Fashion Week, producing photo shoots, in film wig work, and on stage at industry shows and events.

Sonya is a beacon of inspiration, education, and mentorship for the stylist community. Her commitment to developing others to find their own voice within the beauty industry is truly her strength and it shines in today’s conversation. Listen to her stories, both personal and professional, and let your own light shine as you learn from one of the greatest. 


In This Episode

[0:36] - This episode’s guest is industry icon, Sonya Dove. 

[1:45] - Sonya will be an educator in September at The Sola Sessions Reimagined.

[2:40] - Sonya shares her background and how she ended up on her career path.

[4:12] - Eventually, Sonya started entering into competitions and before she knew it, she and her husband were doing shows for Wella.

[5:56] - Through her journey, Sonya moved to the United States.

[7:54] - In 2007, Sonya and her husband opened their own salon in Los Angeles. The time was unfortunately hard due to a recession.

[8:42] - Wella stepped in to help for one year and helped Sonya avoid bankruptcy.

[10:43] - One of the reasons people choose to own their salon through Sola is freedom.

[12:01] - It is important to Sonya to be aligned with the Wella manufacturer. She has been with them for 35 years.

[14:57] - Sonya is one of Wella’s global artists. She describes what she does in this role.

[16:16] - Sonya does it all and she loves the variety in her job.

[17:18] - Take care of yourself to avoid burnout and learn to say no to some things.

[20:19] - Sola provides so much education. Sonya describes how she delivers education, too.

[23:11] - Create the space and culture you need in your salon. The details make a difference.

[25:14] - How did the pandemic impact Sonya? How did she manage the negativity?

[28:10] - Most of Sonya’s work with Wella now is virtual.

[30:52] - It is so important to give yourself a mental break.

[32:14] - Sonya created a show on all of her personal loves including how nature, food, and music influence her hairstyles.

[35:00] - Sonya shares that she failed in school and was always told she would not be successful.

[36:10] - In her personal life, Sonya has had many ups and downs.

[38:56] - Sola Sessions are for education with inspiring leaders in the industry.

[40:01] - Sonya explains that she never lost momentum in her career. You can have it all.

[41:42] - Something we need to be conscious of in this industry is to support each other.

[43:22] - What will Sonya be sharing at the next Sola Sessions?

[46:17] - You can purchase your tickets to the Sola Sessions on September 27th at SolaSessions.com.

[47:03] - Sonya is very active and responsive on Instagram and her website SonyaDove.com.

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