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Episode 74: Set Boundaries Like a Boss with Gina Bianca image

Having boundaries is crucial to running a successful business and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. And while boundaries have always been important, they have been an especially hot topic during the pandemic. 

Salon business educator Gina Bianca joins us in this episode to share her expertise on this very topic. Gina wears many hats as a salon owner, an educator, a coach, and a content creator. How does she do it all, and do it well? It all boils down to one thing: boundaries. 

Tune in to hear about this young woman’s journey to success; how she got into the business and gained all of the valuable experience that she now has, the importance of mentorship and paying knowledge forward, and why setting boundaries are absolutely crucial to being a success in the beauty industry. She encourages listeners to just say no, emphasizing that just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean that you should. She also recommends having a mission to better ensure that everything that you do revolves around your core values, revealing that her mission is all about elevating the beauty industry.


In This Episode

[0:32] – Gina recently talked about boundaries in this industry.

[2:33] – Gina having to set a boundary with her mother.

[5:30] – Setting boundaries is especially hard when you're codependent.

[7:37] – Mental health and setting boundaries have a history of being taboo topics.

[10:34] – Gina dives into sharing her journey.

[13:00] – Gina learned everything by taking risks and putting work in.

[16:09] – A little bit of background information about Gina outside of her business.

[18:56] – How Gina decided on the importance of mentorship for her.

[21:36] – Gina takes pride in paying kindness forward.

[24:11] – Learn who Gina credits as having literally saved her life.

[26:18] – This industry is so giving!

[28:44] – People often like to hoard knowledge rather than share it.

[31:00] – Sola has 17,000 small business owners in the United States as well as locations in Canada and Brazil!

[33:45] – Multiple revenue streams.

[35:12] – Why making money tends to be a taboo topic.

[37:55] – Bad work vs. good work.

[40:32] – The abundance mindset.

[43:02] – Many salon owners aren't taking advantage of retail.

[44:31] – Gina's theory on why people in the service industry have trouble setting boundaries.

[47:33] – You have to work hard before you're in demand.

[50:25] – You sometimes build long-lasting relationships with your clients.

[53:40] – Have boundaries with your time!

[54:13] – Say no when you need to!

[56:28] – Elevating the beauty industry is Gina's mission.

[59:24] – It's hard but so important to say no.

[1:00:26] – How listeners can connect with Gina.

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