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Episode 58: Quick Tips To Level Up Your Instagram image

Could your Instagram be doing more to build your business? In this episode of Sola Stories, Sola’s CMO, Jennie Wolff, and Content Queen, Angela Ribbler, team up to share useful tips to help you level up your salon’s Instagram. 

Tune in to learn what an effective Instagram bio and feed look like and why they are important for the health of your business. Do you need a business profile? Why should you make sure your profile is set to public? How do you capture your audience’s attention before they leave your page? We cover all of this and so much more on this must-listen episode.

Consistency is also important – having a consistent color scheme, background and posting schedule. We also share why it's important to engage with your followers and encourage interaction rather than just using your Instagram page as a megaphone.

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Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Reach out to us @solasalons! We would love to hear how we can support you further. 


In This Episode

[0:24] – How to level up your Instagram account

[1:40] – Differences between how you set up a personal Instagram profile and a business Instagram profile

[2:54] – Make your business profile public

[4:42] – Some Instagram features that should be used by salon businesses and why you should use them

[7:17] – Instagram's live feature is a great way to talk about products that you use and sell.

[7:58] – How making your Instagram feed unique to your own style is important

[9:15] – Instagram's Highlights feature is also very useful.

[10:32] – A tip on creating a well-rounded and varied Instagram feed

[12:14] – Why should someone follow you? What makes your feed unique?

[13:24] – How to plan your platform in a more specific way

[15:52] – How to write an effective bio

[16:49] – Your Instagram account should highlight where you're located and what you specialize in

[19:41] – Special certifications should be in your bio.

[20:28] – Post consistently and regularly.

[23:50] – Using good backdrops in your photos

[25:34] – Ways that you can establish engagement

[28:59] – Social media shouldn't be a megaphone; it should be interactive.

[31:44] – An example of targeting your hashtags toward your audience

[33:18] – An effective hashtag and a Book Now button can lead to a full service experience.

[34:30] – The Sola Sessions Reconnected On-Demand.

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