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Episode 56: How To Have a Miracle Mentality with Tim Storey image

Tim Storey, life coach, humanitarian, author and motivational speaker, joins us in this episode to share his uplifting energy and talk about things such as how he got involved in the beauty industry and how discovery is just as important as recovery. Kim and Tim also discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted not only beauty professionals but humanity in general and how we can turn this and other setbacks into comebacks.

We are very excited to have Tim as a keynote speaker at our upcoming virtual event The Sola Sessions Reconnected. Tune in for a sneak peek of some of the inspiration and motivation you’ll get from Tim on our virtual Sessions stage and what he is most looking forward to about connecting with our community at the event. 

Grab your ticket today and join us live on Monday, May 17 or on-demand through the end of 2021!


In This Episode

[0:23] – Kimi Kisses introduces Tim Storey, a keynote speaker at The Sola Sessions Reconnected.

[3:35] – How Tim Storey got involved in the beauty industry.

[5:04] – The beauty industry tends to be inclusive.

[6:48] – What Tim meant when he said that it's a comeback, not just a setback.

[8:55] – Tim's quote about setbacks turning into comebacks helped Kimi during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[10:36] – You can surprise yourself by going somewhere where you've never been before or do something that you've never done before.

[13:48] – Kimi's biggest discovery was self-love.

[14:34] – COVID-19 made many of us become human beings rather than human doings.

[16:25] – Tim Storey's book, The Miracle Mentality

[19:14] – People need to make room for magic in their lives.

[22:29] – Kimi gives an example from her own life about the importance of making room for magic.

[25:00] – What Tim is most excited to share at The Sola Sessions Reconnected

[27:57] – What the word reconnected means to Tim and how disconnection leads to gratitude

[30:00] – Tim's example of how COVID-19 has changed our perception of things

[31:45] – Tim is currently reading his own book.

[33:00] – Tim would tell his younger self to calm down.

[35:44] – Tim lives a life that he loves by being in the moment.

[36:52] – Where listeners can find Tim online

[39:10] – You may not be what you want to be, but be thankful that you're not what you used to be.


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