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Best Practices to Open Your New Salon Studio #SolaStrong image

Congratulations on taking the leap into salon ownership! We are so excited to welcome you to the #SolaFam! Whether you’re opening a salon for the very first time, or moving your existing business to Sola, now is the time to get set up for success.  

At Sola, we have so many resources to help make this process easier for you. From your Sola webpage to tips and tricks on the Sola Blog to a new guide regarding sanitization best practices, we have thought of everything to make your transition to Sola as seamless and strong as it can possibly be. Follow the below checklist to make sure you are set up for success.

Remember, alone we are strong, but together we are #SolaStrong.

First Comes First…. ☝️

Before the fun stuff begins, you need to make sure that your business is registered and you have obtained all the right licensing. Reference your Sola Start-Up Manual for more information and details about the forms you need to complete locally to get your business set up the right way. Talk to your Sola manager if you need a copy of your Start-Up Manual.

For a dose of inspiration, check out Episode 1 of the Sola Stories Podcast: Going Independent + Getting Started in a Salon Studio

Sanitation 🧼

As the world continues to adjust to the effects of COVID-19, expectations are changing around social interactions and attention to cleanliness is more important than ever. Make sure to set your salon up for optimal health and safety. 

  1. Get Barbicide Certified and order all requisite supplies
  2. Read our blog on Sanitation Best Practices
  3. Download our Back-to-Work guide 
  4. Order masks and capes
  5. Purchase hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies for your studio 
  6. Read our blog on Learning to Communicate Your Policies to Your Clients
  7. Read all communications from your Sola manager about reopening guidelines carefully. There will likely be different procedures and practices based on your local state or county.

Business 📈

Owning your own studio means setting your own hours, pricing, and creating your overall business plan. Get to know your numbers and key performance indicators to ensure you are set up for success from the very beginning.

  1. Get a tutorial on understanding your business with our Understanding Your Sola Business Webinar or read the blog post.
  2. Register for the Sola Pro app to make sure you have access to all of Sola’s education and deals.
  3. Create a Business Plan: Read this guide or watch this webinar inside the Sola Pro app to learn more.
  4. Determine your schedule. Remember at Sola, you have access to your studio 7 days per week so if you need to add any extra hours or days to make up for lost time, now is a great time to do that.
  5. Set your prices. 

Communications 📞

Communicating with your clients is the most impactful way to connect, build trust, and nurture relationships especially as you are building your clientele. There are many ways to do this, including email, text message marketing, social media, and good old-fashioned phone calls. We recommend using technology to make communicating easy and effective. See below for more tips on how to best communicate your grand opening.

  1. Teach your clients how to effectively book appointments with you. See our blog with re-booking tips.
  2. Send an email of reassurance to your clients, new and old, explaining all the steps you’ve taken to sanitize and disinfect your salon.
  3. Send out text and email communications to announce the grand opening of your studio and let your clients know where they can find you online! You can find pre-written communications here.

Marketing & Social Media 💻

When it comes to marketing, think about how you want to reach your customers, both online and offline. Having an online presence is so important for a small business to make sure that clients can find you and book an appointment with you! At Sola, we make this easy for you with your own Sola webpage. Think about your marketing strategy before opening and don’t worry - Sola has plenty of resources to help you create a plan that works for you and your customers.

  1. Create your Sola webpage. Check our blog or watch our webinar on "How to Make Your Webpage Rock!"
  2. Create a referral program. Check out our 6 Tips For a Rockstar Referral Program
  3. Choose the social media channels where you can connect with your current and target clientele best.
  4. Make your social media profile(s) robust by:
    • Making it public so people can learn all about your salon and what you specialize in
    • Add a bio and about section 
    • Add links to visit your webpage
    • Add your booking link everywhere. Watch this webinar to learn how!
  5. Brush up on best practices for social media
  6. Get a ring light if you want to take before and after pictures. Read more tips on photography here.
  7. Connect with Sola:
  8. Follow brands that inspire you and connect with other Sola professionals for inspiration.
  9. Engage, engage, engage! 

Product and Retail 🛍

As an independent salon owner, you have the amazing opportunity to choose the retail and back bar products of your choice and partner with a brand you believe in that fits your salon's culture. On top of that, you keep 100% of your retail profits! See the tips below to ensure you have all your product and back bar ready for opening:

  1. Choose the retail product line for your studio 
    • Choose a brand that fits the culture of your salon and the price point of your guests 
    • Find special deals inside your Sola Pro app
  2. Connect with your local distributor to make sure they know you’re now at Sola
  3. Order color and back bar as soon as possible to ensure you have what you need for opening 
  4. Consider grand opening product specials – clients are going to need to re-stock! 
  5. Head on over to the Sola Blog to read a few amazing retail tips

Studio and Decor ✨

At Sola, you get to call the shots on how you decorate your studio and have full control of the vibe you want to create. This space is private, secure, and a safe space for you and your guests. Now is the time to create an environment that you love and your customers feel at home.  

  1. Create a vibe for your studio. Read this blog on ways to Feng Shui your salon.
    • Choose the paint color for your walls
    • Add accessories and decor that express your personality and creativity. You can play with artwork, plants, curtains and more! 
  2. Get ready to enjoy your own music! 🎶
  3. For more studio inspiration, check out our Instagram feed!
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