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There’s something magical about a new year. A clean slate full of new beginnings and new opportunities makes us feel like anything is possible. And while we were all slightly disappointed that we woke up on January 1st, still living in a global pandemic, the magic of a new beginning is still within our grasp. 

So what will you accomplish this year? Has owning your salon been on your vision board for a little too long? Maybe it’s never crossed your mind before, but because of the pandemic, you’re on the hunt for a new salon home. Regardless of where 2020 left you, Sola is here with endless tools, resources and community to keep you dreaming in 2021. 

At Sola, you can dream again with...

A Private, One-On-One Environment ✨

Whether or not we are living in a “COVID-world,” at Sola, you and your clients can enjoy a completely private, controlled salon environment. This means you get to control the policies, procedures, hours and cleanliness, as well as the music, decor, and overall vibe of your salon. When you are able to create your salon to reflect your personality, your salon becomes part of your brand and your client experience. Make it a place they love coming back to (almost) as much as you do! 

“Sola gives me the opportunity to dream up a personalized guest experience every day. I get to cater the mood, the music, the refreshments, and the personal touches to every client. They feel like a celebrity being the only one in the salon.” - @hellosunshine_hair

The Products and Clients of Your Dreams 💙

Doing what you love allows you to truly master your craft. And what better way to master it than with your ideal clients and products? At Sola, you can feel at ease knowing that everything is catered to you and your preferences, and not the other way around.

“Sola inspires me because I can run my business my way! The sky's the limit because if I dream it, I can do it!" @artist_erinlaw


Your Prices. Your profits 💯

It's your time, your passion, your skills, and your art. Why should someone else keep your profits?  When you work for someone else, you allow them to determine your worth. But at Sola, you set your own prices! YOU charge what you're worth. YOU raise your prices. YOU keep the profits from what YOU choose to retail.

A Schedule That Fits Your Lifestyle 📆

It can be difficult to balance a thriving career alongside a fulfilling personal life. But with 24-hour access to your studio and the freedom to choose when you want to work, you have the power to create a schedule that works for YOU - allowing you to have a work-life balance that is incomparable!

“Sola is my dream come true! I couldn’t be any happier to be a #SolaBoss, yet I am able to still be a great wife and mom.” - @girlsgov

Love Your Boss (Because You Are The Boss)! 👊

What more could you ask for than to experience the freedom and benefits of salon ownership?! 

"I am finally on the path to creating the life I want. I am doing more of what I love. I am living my life by my own rules, and that was possible thanks to Sola!" - @sgnaturalhairstudio

A Seamless Transition To Owning Your Salon

At Sola, we make the transition to salon ownership seamless by providing move-in-ready salon studios alongside all the educational resources and support needed to run your own business.

"The bottom line was (and still is!) that Sola wanted me to be successful in this new venture - and they made the entire transition seamless. When I signed the lease for my studio, I was in charge, but I certainly was not alone. I had help every step of the way. I was encouraged, I felt an immediate sense of community, and I felt empowered - empowered to make this all my own and to move forward! Sola has my back, and they have truly cared about me growing my business and succeeding." - @ashleywhitestudio

Access To The Best Tools and Education in the Industry 🙌

We know the key to growth as an independent beauty professional is continuing your education to elevate your skillset and help you bring your A-game year after year. At Sola, we offer...

  • Sola Pro: Our one-stop app for education, artistic inspiration, and exclusive deals from the industry, free for Sola professionals.
  • Virtual Education: Facebook and Instagram Lives and webinars with topics ranging from sanitation best practices, to social media tips, to artistic technique from industry legends. All recorded webinars are available for Sola pros to watch on-demand in the Sola Pro app.
  • The Sola Blog: Got questions about the #SolaBoss life? We’ve got you covered on the Sola blog with everything from marketing and success stories from other Sola owners to COVID resources and overall wellness and lifestyle tips.
  • Sola Stories Podcast: Whether you're looking for a marketing quick tip, advice from a fellow Sola professional or inspiration from some of our industry's thought-leaders, subscribe to the Sola Stories Podcast for your on-the-go inspo! 
  • The Sola Sessions: Exclusive education events with some of the industry's most influential artists and educators.

    “The tools Sola provides us to run a successful business is priceless. They inspire us to be the best business owners possible.” - @hairtiquebybobi

A Supportive Community of 16,000+ Dreamers 💭

Support at Sola goes deeper than just technology and education. When you go Sola, you become a part of a community of 16,000+ independent beauty professionals, or what we call it, our #SolaFam. Dreaming again - and dreaming bigger - is so much easier when you are surrounded by a community of dreamers and doers, just like you! 

“Sola inspires me to keep dreaming by giving me flexibility. I am my own boss! I am able to run my own business with ease surrounded by like-minded individuals.” - @joceinked

Don't just take it from us. Find out how Sola helped these bosses #DreamAgain ✨

“Sola has been and continues to be a life-changer for me. From being terrified of wondering if you'll be able to make it on your own, to knowing you can, is inspirational. After 4 years at Sola, I know I've got this...If I can do it, anyone can do it!” - @hairbytracib

“Sola inspires me to keep dreaming because it gave me an opportunity to own my own business! I am new to the Sola Fam, but I am so excited about my new journey!” - @breannafates

“It inspired me to reach higher... and within 2 months of being at Sola, I upgraded to a larger studio!” - @502littleshopofhairdos

“Sola inspires me to keep dreaming by giving me the freedom TO dream!” - @houseofhyenas

“Sola offers the perfect balance of guidance and opportunity to help me bring my vision to life! Thank you for making the process simple, exciting, and positive. So glad I made this leap of faith.” - @lisaaprilehair

“After 16 years of doing the same thing, I was getting a little tired... I was beyond excited to be able to start a business of my own! I love being able to finally balance work with family life...I now have a whole new vision and confidence in my career and life! I also loved seeing the look on my teenage daughter's face when I told her I would have my own salon. I hope I continue to inspire her to do anything she wishes!” - @melissaballard_styling_

“Sola inspires us all by sending information on classes, how to market, forums, and a ton of helpful hints. I’ve worked booth rental for other owners, and Sola has been by far the best about giving you all the tools to succeed!” - @idohair_valstucki

“Sola helped me with reaching dreams of owning my own salon with many opportunities!” - @aberryhair

“Sola has inspired me to be the best business owner I could possibly be. I love the fact that I am in the salon environment, yet on my own with absolutely no drama. The fact that Sola offers classes throughout the year is incredible. Sola was by far the best business move I could have possibly made! From the time I opened my door I have never looked back…” - @hairbylaurenkarlovich

“Sola gives me the ability to go after my goals head first... The sky's the limit in my Sola and it Inspires me to keep working for ME and MY business.” - @shehasradhair

So here's to a great year at Sola full of crushing goals and dreaming again... Won't you join us?

It’s time to dream again. At Sola, you can 💭✨

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