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7 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month in Your Salon image

June is Pride Month, which is the perfect time to honor and celebrate our wonderful LGBTQIA+ community, here at Sola and beyond. As an independent salon owner at Sola, you have the opportunity to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for your clients that celebrates diversity and self-expression of all kinds. Here are some ways to honor the LGBTQIA+ community in your salon and show your support for Pride this June, and all year round.  

1. Rally your friends or Sola neighbors to attend your local Pride parade 

Attending a Pride parade is a great way to show your allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community. Reach out to your friends or Sola neighbors and make plans to attend your local Pride parade together.  

2. Add Rainbow, Glitz and Glam to Services 

Pride Month is all about celebrating diversity, and what better way to do so than by adding some rainbow, glitz and glam to your salon services?  

Glam Station 

By adding some rainbow, glitz and glam to your salon services, you can show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community and create a festive offering for your clients. Set up a glam station in your salon and offer services like face jewel designs, face paint, or glitter makeup. With a touch of rainbow magic, you can transform someone's look in just minutes and totally make their day!  

Don't be afraid to get creative and try new things – after all, beauty is all about self-expression and individuality. This is a great opportunity to try out new bold and funky looks and see what your clients love. Who knows? You may end up adding some new options to your service menu permanently.  

  • Rainbow Hair  Want to add some fun and color to your salon services? Offer rainbow hair extensions, colored highlights or even create a full head of rainbow hair for clients! It's a trendy and customizable look that's perfect for celebrating Pride Month and showing support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Give your clients a chance to express themselves and feel confident with this playful and vibrant hair trend.