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Get more out of sola in 2020

The start of the new year marks a new beginning and an opportunity to change or start new habits. Whether you're a new Sola professional or you've been around the block a few times, take advantage of this fresh beginning by stepping up your salon game. At Sola, we have your back with educational resources, cutting-edge technology and ongoing business and marketing support. So get ready to kick off the new year by taking full advantage of all the Sola tools available at your fingertips.

Here are just a few ways for you to get more out of Sola in 2020...


1. Sola Pro

Our free, Sola-exclusive app provides all Sola professionals free inspiration and education at your fingertips! Want to watch educational videos that range from business and marketing to the latest trends and artistic techniques from your favorite educators? Or maybe you're more interested in the latest exclusive deal from your favorite brand or checking out what local classes are coming to your neck of the woods. You can get all that and so much more in Sola Pro!

We also host tons of free webinars on topics ranging from marketing and social media to KPIs to How To Raise Your Prices – all available to watch on-demand in the palm of your hand in the Sola Pro app.  

In December, we hosted a live webinar with Michael Cole (@michaelcolesummit) where he taught his 5 golden rules of financial success. He discussed how to spend ⁠more intentionally, retail smarter and how to save more for retirement.

"I was working all day so I didn’t get to watch live until right now (in the Sola Pro app). This was great and so relatable. I loved it!" - Ashley Jensen, Love at First Cut (@love.at.first.cut.by.ashley)

2. Your own webpage on solasalons.ca

As a Sola professional, you will have your very own Sola webpage on www.solasalons.ca, which you can easily customize in Sola Pro with a descriptive bio, an image gallery, and contact information and hours.

3. Sola Sessions

We know how important education is to continue growing in your career. So we created the Sola Sessions, our Sola-exclusive live education events with some of the industry's most influential artists and educators. Whether you are looking for artistic education to increase or elevate the services you offer in your salon, or marketing and business education to increase your revenue, the Sola Sessions has it all! 

At the Sola Sessions, held twice a year around the country, our community is able to network with fellow Sola professionals, gather valuable takeaways to elevate their business and craft, sip cocktails and snap selfies with some of their idols and mentors. Plus there’s swag – lots and lots of swag 🙌

"I can honestly say it was life-changing. Meeting fellow Solapreneurs from across the county and sharing stories has given me the motivation that I needed to take my career to the next level. I was touched by so many... we cried, we laughed and we listened to some amazing music! Thank you for creating this incredible experience. It was beyond words." - Kelsey Morris, Studio K (@kelseymorris18)

4. Your #SolaFam

Support at Sola goes deeper than just technology and education. When you go Sola, you become a part of a community of 15,000+ independent beauty professionals - in other words, you become a part of our #SolaFam! Our Sola pros know that the best resources are each other - whether it's a new technique, advice on how to deal with a tricky client or simply borrowing some foils from your friend down the hall.




The Sola community is there to help each other learn and grow. Join the #SolaFamily and discover how the support from Sola can change your career and your life. 

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